5 Best Podcasts to Tune Into if You Like Sneakers

Back when podcasts were still a slow-growing niche, Ewan Spence and other writers were hedging bets on the medium’s future, dismissing it as a stunted art form that failed to reach its full potential as it lacked support from audio distributors.

Now, with the accessibility of platforms like Spotify driving podcasts to new levels, anyone can jump on the podcast bandwagon, from casual hobbyists to big media publications. In the sneaker community, this democratization of audio allows sneaker experts from different backgrounds to give their own unique insights on the topic, giving listeners a wider pool of resources when it comes to learning more about sneakers.

So without further ado, here are some of the best sneaker podcasts available to listen to at the moment.

1. The Sneak Diss

The guys at The Sneak Diss like to keep it real. When discussing the latest developments in sneaker culture, co-hosts Greg and George express their honest opinions without holding back on pointed remarks or criticism on sneaker culture, sports, pop culture, and even music. In a world of subsidized reviews, sponsorships, and paid promotions, The Sneak Diss Sneaker Podcast’s authenticity is a breath of fresh air. And because Greg and George are long-time sneaker fans themselves, their insights are not only authentic, they’re also full of substance, backed by the knowledge and years of sneaker-collecting experience.

2. Business of Hype

The Business of HYPE is produced by the popular streetwear company HYPEBEAST. In this weekly series, streetwear designer and Staple Pigeon founder Jeff Staple interviews industry creatives about their careers, ambitions, and the steps they have taken to achieve success. The series features some big names, from rising Hollywood talents like the Daily Show’s Hasan Minhaj, to niche industry legends like Urban Necessities founder Jaysse Lopez. The interviews take a deep dive into their creative processes and can provide substantial insight for artists and creatives looking to get more involved in the sneaker industry.

3. SoleSavy

Last year, membership-based sneaker community SolesSavy launched its own sneaker podcast, hosted by the company’s co-founders Dejan Pralica and Justin Dusanj. Together, they interview industry experts and sneaker connoisseurs from various fields, having insider discussions on the latest sneaker culture developments along the way. The podcast often invites notable personalities from the worlds of sports and fashion to discuss how their passion for sneakers fits into their careers and day-to-day lives. Some notable guests include pro athletes Lance Stephenson, Kiefer Ravena, and Zarek Valentin, as well as sneaker entrepreneurs Oscar Castillo, Romy Samuel, and Sophia Chang.

4. The Complex Sneakers Project

The Complex Sneakers Project features some well-known personalities in sneaker media. Joe La Puma of Sneaker Shopping Fame joins Full-Size Run’s co-hosts Brendan Dunne and Matt Welty to dive into both the history and development of sneaker culture. Here, they interview notable industry veterans to provide firsthand perspectives on some of the biggest moments in sneaker history. In one episode, they interviewed John Wexler and discussed his journey toward becoming Yeezy’s lead designer. The hosts also talk about their experiences working in sneaker media, discussing everything from career starts to memorable interviews with the likes of Kanye West and Kid Cudi.

5. The Dropcast

In 2018, streetwear media blog Highsnobiety launched its flagship podcast, the Dropcast. In this fashion-centric show, Highsnobiety editorial director Jian DeLeon and fashion editor Noah Thomas invite special guests every week to exchange takes on the latest updates on sneakers, streetwear, and youth culture. The podcast was recently credited for pioneering the #Mulement, which is a social media movement that aims to popularize mules. DeLeon and Thomas have since collaborated with Italian footwear manufacturer Diemme to create slip-on mules with a sneaker-like silhouette.

In 2020, the global sneaker market reached $70 billion, according to the research website Statista. Sneaker culture’s popularity shows no signs of slowing down, as its value is projected to grow to $102 billion by 2025. This rise in demand can carve out a new niche in the content creation industry, one that provides knowledge and insights budding sneakerheads can refer to as they navigate the ever-evolving world of sneaker culture.