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So this is my first solo show, and I decided to do something different. I happened to be traveling and the stars didn’t align for a planned interview. I took the opportunity to do something different and give you a small taste of what my two days were like there. I really enjoyed it and will likely doing some of these every now and then in between interviews. An American Podcaster in London indeed!

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Outro Music

SONG SPELLS is a new project from Los Angeles indie folk outfit, SEA WOLF. It is a series of experimental albums, written and recorded during 4 month periods between official Sea Wolf studio albums. The first entry into the Song Spells series, ‘Cedarsmoke’, was created during the last 4 months of 2013.The album was meant to explore the sonic landscape and feel of the earliest Sea Wolf songs while also providing an outlet for band leader Church to experiment with new ideas and working methods. Geared toward existing fans of the band, the album was not intended as the next ‘official’ label-backed studio album, and was funded through a highly successful Kickstarter campaign. During the 4 month process of writing and recording the album, the idea of the series came about, and while it was never intended to be released on a wide scale, soon after it’s completion it was announced that this first entry in the series would be ‘given back to fans’ by releasing it exclusively through music streaming services and as a pay-what-you-wish download on the band’s website. Bergamot Morning is a standout track. Check it out!.. and support bands who give back!! -Cedar & Soil

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