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Here’s the Recap:

Harry Duran welcomes to the podcast visionary, entrepreneur, and founder of Groupon, Andrew Mason. Andrew is also the CEO of Descript, a digital media platform that enables audio editing through text, as opposed to waveforms. In this episode, Harry and Andrew talk about the speech synthesis technology behind Descript and its impact on the podcasting community. Andrew speaks to his growth as a leader and discusses some of his ongoing projects. Finally, Andrew shares his thoughts on the monetization of podcasts and the exorbitant amount of new money that has been infused into the podcasting industry.

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What We Covered:

  • 04:20 – Harry welcomes back to the podcast, Andrew Mason
  • 04:29 – Andrew talks about Descript
  • 06:42 – Andrew’s initial vision for Descript
  • 09:08 – Lyrebird
  • 11:43 – Safeguards Andrew and his team have placed on the technology behind Descript and Overdub
  • 13:00 – Deep Fake explained
  • 14:23 – What Andrew has learned about speech synthesis technology
  • 15:07 – How Descript works for consumers
  • 16:46 – Descript’s growth trajectory
  • 17:28 – Andrew speaks to his growth as a leader
  • 18:31 – The importance of empowering employees to innovate
  • 20:58 – How Andrew got involved in the podcast industry
  • 25:43 – Future plans to attend podcasting conferences and create partnerships
  • 27:12 – Andrew discusses some ongoing projects
  • 28:15 – Harry talks about the podcasting tool, Krisp
  • 29:22 – Andrew shares his thoughts on the exorbitant amount of new money in the podcast space
  • 31:21 – Andrew’s thoughts on the monetization of podcasting
  • 35:02 – The value that Descript provides to podcasters
  • 35:54 – What is something Andrew has changed his mind about recently
  • 36:47 – Andrew talks about what excites him the most about the future of podcasting
  • 39:39 – Where listeners can follow Andrew


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