News Recap: Andrew Norton Kicks Off ‘This is Radio’ with Roman Mars; Keith and the Girl Ultimate Podcasting Guide; Merced College Using Podcasting to Deliver Campus Info

Roman Mars

Andrew Norton, who primarily works in video, also happens to love radio, and has started a new ‘This Is Radio' series on Transom as a way to meet all the people he admires, and “poke around their stuff”. He kicks off the series with none other that Roman Mars of 99% Invisible. [link]

Keith and the Girl Podcasting Guide

Comedy podcast veterans, Keith and The Girl (Chemda) discuss their book, The Ultimate Podcasting Guide with ZDNet's Ken Hess. The book contains all the information you need to start and succeed in podcasting. [link]

Merced College

A group of students at Merced College are part of a new project to expand the school’s communications through podcasting. The MC Pod is made up of five students and a professor who put out about two episodes a week, which cover the latest information on school majors, classes or other goings-on around the Merced and Los Banos campuses. [link]


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