News Recap: EFF Stops Patent Troll Suit; Forbes’ Ewan Spence: Is Future of Digital Mags in Podcasting? USA Today Profiles Podcasting

cassette tape wall in a shoreditch bar

cassette tape wall in a shoreditch bar. Flickr @mermaid99

The EFF goes to court and successfully blocks a podcasting patent troll seeking 1,300 EFF donor names.

Ewan Spence. Flickr @joi

Ewan Spence. Flickr @joi

Can The Future Of Digital Magazines Be Found In The History Of Podcasting? Forbes’ Ewan Spence buy ambien medication writes about the parallels.

Mur Lafferty Twitter

USA Today’s Gladys Edmunds chats with Mur Lafferty on the creation of her podcast “You Should Be Writing: The Podcast For Wannabe Fiction Writers”, in her story on Podcasting 101 for entrepreneurs

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