054 Helen Zaltzman | Telling Stories, One Word At A Time

Helen Zaltzman has been podcasting for 9 years and surprisingly enough, says she still feels like a novice. She co-hosted her first podcast with Olly Mann called Answer Me This! and followed it up with the very popular, The Allusionist. That second podcast is a language and etymology show that is part of Roman Mars's

053 Rob Greenlee | This Podcast Ambassador Continues To Spread The Gospel of Podcasting

Robert Greenlee is a veteran in the podcasting industry. He started his WebTalk World Radio Show in 1999 and has been working in the podcasting field since. I talk to Rob about why he started his first podcast, his aquaponics hobby, and so much more on this week's episode of Podcast Junkies.

052 Raymond Wiley | The Importance of Honesty in History

Raymond Wiley is the host of The Shadow of Ideas. Raymond has been broadcasting/podcasting since 2004 and has started three different podcasts since then. The Shadow of Ideas is the first podcast he's done as a solo host and he's loving it so far. The Shadow of Ideas explores the world of current events, social

051 Rob McGinley Myers | What Is It That Truly Makes Us Human

Rob McGinley Myers is the host for Anxious Machine. He is part of The Heard, which is a podcast collective of several different and awesome shows. The best way to describe Rob's podcast is it's a show about the impact of technology on our everyday lives. Rob's interview style really brings out a lot of

050 Chris Cerrone & Laci Urcioli | The Importance of Staying True To Yourself

Chris Cerrone and Laci Urcioli are the hosts of The Chris Cerrone Show, which is a topped ranked business podcast specifically for entrepreneurs. I have interviewed Chris in the past and I bring him on for the second time, because I believe the 50th episode should be an opportunity for reflection. Chris and Laci open

049 Rob | Walch The Truth About Podcast Download Numbers

Rob Walch is the VP at Libsyn and the host of Podcast 411 and Today in iOS. I've been Libsyn's customer for a while now since I've gotten started. I've had multiple interactions with Rob and I think there's this notion sometimes that I've heard people say Rob can be a bit grouchy, I don't

Rob Walch Interview Transcription

Transcript: Harry Duran: Podcast Junkies, we are back! Episode 49. What is Podcast Junkies you ask? I call it the Podcaster's Voice. What do I do that? Because I get to talk to amazing podcasters and they come in and I want them to feel like they're just chilling at home. I think it was

This Nocturne Host Is More Of a Hummingbird Herself | Vanessa Lowe | PJ048

This interview, I spoke with the charming Vanessa Lowe. Vanessa is the host of Nocturne, which could be classified as ambient storytelling. It takes the topic of night time as its subject matter and each month is a new story with that as the theme. I found out about her podcast because initially she reached

Vanessa Lowe Interview Transcription

Harry Duran: Podcast Junkies are back. Do you know what Podcast Junkies is? I like to call it the Podcaster's Voice. It's the show where we find interesting voices in podcasting and get them to kick back their heels and talk about their shows and whatever else is on their mind. We are up to

047 Brendan McDonald | An Interview 10 Years In The Making

I'm really happy to be a podcaster today because today's interviewee is Brendan McDonald, the producer of the WTF with Marc Maron podcast. Brendan was a really great guest. There were many times he could have just easily given me a yes or no response, but I could tell he went out of his way

Brendan McDonald Interview Transcription

Harry Duran: Podcast Junkies welcome back. This is known as the Podcaster's voice and the show where we keep on the look out for interesting folks who are hosts of amazing shows and who want to come on and have a causal conversation about all things life related and podcasting every now and then. This

046 You Lou Mongello | Can’t Fake It In Podcasting

I really had a blast talking to Lou Mongello for this week's episode. Lou is a serious Podcast Junkie who has been podcasting since 2005. He's the host of Walt Disney World Radio and has a very 'what you see is what you get' personality. Lou is definitely, definitely passionate about what he does and

Lou Mongello Interview Transcription

Harry Duran: Welcome back to Podcast Junkies. Also known as the podcaster's voice. Now, the reason why I gave it that tag line is because I'm searching out some interesting folks in podcasting and I wanna let you listen to them in a more relaxed environment, not a formal Q&A. I want to kick back

045 Jessica Rhodes | The Importance of Matching Energies

Jessica Rhodes was the co-host of The Podcast Producers and also has her own podcast, Rhodes to Success. I talk to Jessica about her business, Interview Connections and how she got started booking guests on podcast shows. We cover almost everything from TV shows to booking guests to just kind of goofing around and having

Jessica Rhodes Interview Transcription

Harry Duran: Welcome back to Podcast Junkies aka The Podcaster's voice aka, the show where we search out interesting voices in podcasting and get them to kick back their heels and talk about their shows and whatever else is on their mind. This week we speak to Jessica Rhodes. She's the host of Rhodes to

044 Corey Coates | The One Thing That Can’t Be Faked Is Your Talent

Welcome to episode 44 of Podcast Junkies! Today we'll be talking to Corey Coates. Corey is the founder of Podfly, a podcast production service, and the co-host and co-creator of The Podcast Producers. Corey is the kind of guy that says whatever is on his mind and so we should probably slap on an explicit

Corey Coates Interview Transcription

Harry Duran: Welcome back to Podcast Junkies aka the podcasters' voice aka the show where we search out interesting voices in podcasting and get them to kick back their heels and talk about their shows and quite honestly whatever else is on their mind. This is episode 44 and we're talking to Corey Coates. Corey

043 Liz Covart | The Present Always Colors How We View The Past

I first heard about Liz Covart on The Podcast Producers hosted by Jessica Rhodes and Corey Coates. I really liked her take on some of the subjects she talked about on that show and wanted to find out more about her. Liz has a PhD in history and has a lot of interesting things to

Liz Covart Interview Transcription

Harry Duran: Podcast Junkies episode 43 with Liz Covart of Benjamin Franklin's world and it's a podcast about really the 18th century and American history and Liz used Ben Franklin as a representative at of the time, because I think a majority of his life was in the 18th century and he's such a well

042 Jennifer Briney | I Actually Enjoy Reading the Bills, Which Means I’m a Giant Nerd

I first met Jen Briney at New Media Expo and really loved what she's doing with her podcast. She reviews the bills coming out of the House of Representative and Congress on her podcast. Be warned that this is not a 30 minute show! Jen and I talk about her podcast, how she got started,

Jennifer Briney Interview Transcription

Harry Duran: Podcast Junkies episodes 42. Hello, hello, hello. Welcome back, yes, we're on a weekly schedule. So, hopefully you enjoyed my conversation last week with John Dennis of Smart Time Online. I really think it was insightful and I'm always happy when I learn more about my friends and guests as a result of

041 John Dennis | Don’t Wait For Others To Open The Door

Harry invites John Dennis on to show to talk about his background and a bit of his life story. John has a lot of upcoming projects he's excited about and also shares some of his failures on the show. John mentions how he's 'too nice' and because of it people try to take advantage of

John Dennis Interview Transcription

Harry Duran: Podcast Junkies episode number 41. If you heard last week, I interviewed Colin Gray from Scotland. He's a podcaster, he's been doing it for quite a bit of time, since 2007, and this week I get to interview John Dennis of the Smart Time Online Podcast. John and I have been friends virtually

040 Colin Gray | Plan Your First Ten Episodes Wisely

Colin Gray first started producing podcasts for his university in Scotland in 2007. On the university's budget, he was able to try out podcasting and somewhere in between he fell in love with the medium. Harry calls Colin a podcast veteran because he was an early adopter to the art and Colin himself loves to

Colin Gray Interview Transcription

Harry Duran: So, this week I do something different and head across the pond for a chat with Colin Gray. He's the host of PodCraft. It's a podcast about podcasting, but something that Colin does a bit different is that he makes his episode more a season. So, I've seen some people do this in

039 Vernon Ross | Pick Your Guests Wisely

In today’s episode of Podcast Junkies, Harry Duran talks to The Social Strategy’s Vernon Ross interview. Together, they discuss the importance of maintaining real life values and sticking with your gut. Despite cries of selfishness, Ross insists on being choosy over who he interviews, and understands totally the way that podcasts and interviews can get

Vernon Ross Interview Transcription

Vernon Ross: He gave a keynote when I first met him, when he was talking about how intense he was into the wine business, and finding out what does this taste like? If someone says ‘This taste like dirt', I need to know what dirt tastes like, so he would put dirt in his mouth

038 Justin Sisley | Choose Lesser-Known Entrepreneurs Every Time

Justin Sisley Interview of Driven to Better Podcast is today’s Podcast Junkie for a very good reason – as an entrepreneur himself, he knows the stresses and challenges, and has chosen to highlight and celebrate the up and coming ideas of other ‘new and noteworthy’ businesspeople. In the episode, he also talks about how to

Justin Sisley Interview Transcription

Justin Sisley: I would be lying if I said I had no intentions whatsoever of monetizing it. I definitely had that in the back of my mind, going into it – listening to John Lee Dumas and Pat Flynn, and they were making lots and lots of money! Harry Duran: PODCAST JUNKIES. EPISODE 38. Today

037 Jared Easley | Understand Your Guests and Take Responsibility For Yourself

A self-published book down, a traditionally-published one on the way, a successful podcast and a massively popular podcasting conference, Starve the Doubts’ Jared Easley Interview proves he can put his mind to anything. Recorded live at the 2015 New Media Expo, Easley shares his experiences, thoughts and opinions with Podcast Junkies on topics from figuring

Jared Easley Interview Transcription

Harry Duran: Here we are at NMX, but don't go far. PODCAST JUNKIES. EPISODE 37. I'm finally able to round up Mr Jared Easley – I've been having him on my list of potential guests for a while, and it just so happened that we were at NMX. We actually got to hang out for

036 Ryan Williams | Find Your Podcasting Niche

Ryan Williams Interview as a podcaster takes being astute and conscious to a new level. Host of The Influencer Economy, he is used to analyzing the influence and effects of any number of things on an audience – tie this in with podcasting and you have a guy who understands the importance of establishing a

Ryan Williams Interview Transcription

Ryan Williams: You're not going to get rich with a podcast. If anything, you may lose money, because you've got to buy equipment, you've got to spend time that you're not making money putting it into the show. But if you can figure out other ways of growing your network and making better business connections

035 Jessica Kupferman | Why A Woman’s Perspective Is Vital In Business And Podcasting

It’s all about providing women with a voice when it comes to this Jessica Kupferman Interview. Host of Lady Business Radio and co-host of She Podcasts, Jessica is your one-stop spot for tips on raising a family while maintaining a business as well as how to use your own personality to draw people in and

Jessica Kupferman Interview Transcription

Jessica Kupferman: I have a gift and I may have always had this; people will tell me things and then go “I can't believe I just told you that.” I either am very easy to talk to, or super nosy, or possibly both! Harry Duran: PODCAST JUNKIES. EPISODE 35. This week we are with Jessica

034 Kate Erickson | The Woman Behind Entrepreneur On Fire Finds Her Own Podcasting Feet

Kate Erickson of Entrepreneur on Fire fame joins Harry Duran to talk about moving on from behind-the-scenes work and stepping into the spotlight herself. Kate Erickson Interview showcases her own topic-based podcast, aptly named Kate’s Takes, and in this podcast she discusses the difficulties of seeing through the doubts and personal challenges, as well as

Kate Erickson Interview Transcription

Kate Erickson:
The first time somebody asked me to be on their podcast, I was like ‘Yeah, let me go ahead and forward this to John for you.' They were like ‘No no no, I want you on my podcast!' I was like – ‘Why??' Harry Duran:
PODCAST JUNKIES. EPISODE 34. And we are live from the

033 Sue Zimmerman | The Personality Traits That Have Made Her Successful

Sue Zimmerman Interview is today’s Podcast Junkies episode, and she’s certainly no stranger to speaking in public or on podcasts about how social media strategies can transform your professional success and lifestyle. Today, she’s most commonly known as photo and filter expert, The Instagram Gal, and she talks about getting into Instagram, how your feed

Sue Zimmerman Interview Transcription

Sue Zimmerman:
I'm the real deal. Like, the person you listen to on the podcast is the person that you see in the room when you meet me. So many people say ‘Oh my God, you really are this high-energy, fun person that likes to hashtag!' Harry Duran: 
Podcast Junkies, Episode 33. And we're back with Sue

032 Denny Krahe | This Running Man Shows No Signs Of Slowing Down

With an ambitious goal of running a marathon in every state, listen to this Denny Krahe interview for an understanding of what makes him tick. A running coach for several years, he's learning the ins and outs of online marketing to take that knowledge and grow his running tribe. Just try and keep up!