News Recap: Podcast Movement on Kickstarter, Cliff Ravenscraft Defends Podcasts, Sticher Android Update

As a testament to the increasing awareness of the podcasting medium, a veritable who's who of podcasters have put their collective efforts into the creation of a new conference called Podcast MovementJared EasleyGary LelandDan Franks, and Mitch Todd are podcasters who saw a need for a great conference for podcasters, by podcasters, about PODCASTING!

Podcast Answer Man

On the latest episode of Cliff Ravenscraft's podcast, Podcast Answer Man #346, he mentions a conversation picked up by one of his students, Matt Lovell, who happened to hear Dan Miller state on his podcast, that he will no longer be referring to his show as a podcast. Cliff wasn't having any of that, and on this episode, makes a great case for why the term is still very relevant.

On the tech front, Sticher has released a new version of their Android app, which will include not just access to almost any episode of your favorite shows (even episodes from years ago) but also adds the ability for you to quickly add any episode to a ‘Listen Later’ playlist.

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