Podcast Sponsorship

We’ve created a page at Patreon to test out our ‘tip cup’ model. Head on over and start supporting with as little as $2 per month. Go ahead. It will make your grandma happy.




Podcast Junkies offers engaging content to informed audiences, reaching millions of listeners a month.

Wait, one minute. Let me check the math on that…

OK, I’m back. So…funny thing is, we’re not exactly at the million-download mark. For the record.

I called this Podcast Junkies, because my target was folks who are passionate about this medium are savvy about the types of shows they like. Every week I interview interesting folks, with interesting stories.

Our shows appeal to a wide-range of dedicated fans, including tech junkies, entrepreneurs, biz folks, podcast geeks, and purveyors of fine content. You may want to reach these folks. They’re the type that use your services and buy your products.

Sponsoring a show on Podcast Junkies means partnering up, if you think there’s a match. I would venture to say it makes good business sense.

Start by sending us a note below with what you have in mind.

No puppies were harmed in the creation of this show.