News Recap: 10 Years of Podcasting; Boing Boing Interviews Ross, Carrie of Oh No! Podcast; In-Car Listening Grows…


Podcasts 10 years on: The often eccentric medium has attracted devoted listeners – and created media stars

The Independent's Alex Lawson looks back at 10 years of podcasting. [link]


Oh No Ross and Carrie: podcasting investigative journalists join cults for science!

Cory Doctorow makes it through three years worth of Oh No Ross and Carrie, “a podcast hosted by two former Evangelical Christians turned skeptics, who join cults and fringe religions, visit psychics and healers…and partake of quack remedies and other newage rituals.” Sounds like fun! [link]


Edison Research Update

In-car audio listening continues to grow. [link]