The Ultimate Podcast Junkies Podcatcher Review!

Podcast Junkies Podcatcher Review

This is the Ultimate Podcast Junkies Podcatcher Review!

I recently had a great conversation with CBC filmmaker and podcaster David Ridgen. You can hear the episode and read the full show notes here.

Given the buzz around the episode, I decided to create a series of trackable links and see if people could vote with their click. I did some research and found 18 podcatchers, that would provide me a direct link to the episode.

Podcast Junkies vs. Apple Podcasts vs. Overcast vs. CastBox vs. Spotify vs. Podbean vs. Castro vs. TuneIn vs. Stitcher vs. Spreaker vs. Google cheap cialis from india Play Music vs. Podchaser vs. Acast vs. Spoke vs. Chorus vs. Breaker vs. Agora vs. uCast vs. Otto Radio vs. Leela

Which one is your favorite? Test it out below!