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Hook from the start! Harry is an awesome host that keeps the conversation style interview lively and casual.

Harry is a great interviewer who does his homework and gives his listeners great content. I always find (new to me) podcasts that I probably wouldn't find anywhere else and when I get a chance to hear what the podcaster is all about and their journey, it makes me want to listen to them more.

As a podcast junkie binge-ing all the shows, I love hearing Harry interview the coolest guests, especially women like Lauren Popish (#270) and Racheal Cook (#250), who are paving the way for us gals behind the mic. Grab your earbuds and press play, you won’t be sorry! Kim / The Podwize Group

Junkies unite!

As a podcast junkie binge-ing all the shows, I love hearing Harry interview the coolest guests, especially women like Lauren Popish (#270) and Racheal Cook (#250), who are paving the way for us gals behind the mic. Grab your earbuds and press play, you won’t be sorry! Kim / The Podwize Group

A podcast for podcast fans. Harry Duran has a genuinely warm and almost Zen like presence and works well with his guests, who are podcasters from a wide variety of shows. Great interviews with a great host.


Excellent! Logical, engaging, interesting, and helpful.

Highly recommend!

As a fellow podcaster, I’m always looking for ways to get better and stay on top of the latest trends/strategies for delivering a great experience to our audience. Podcast Junkies helps me do just that!

Educational yet fun

Harry has some great guests on his podcast, and I especially enjoyed the Russ Johns interview. Fabulous guests with a wealth of knowledge. Highly recommended for anyone who wants to learn about anything!

The silky smooth voice of Harry Duran!

A solid conversationalist talking with interesting people in an open format. Great for hearing some of the insiders of podcasting open up.

Top Shelf! Thank you for being the kind of light house this world needs! Keep the episodes coming :-)

Amazing podcast!!!

The episode on repurposing content was pure gold!!!!! So helpful

I'm so thankful that casts like Podcast Junkies exist. I get introduced to new voices I would not have heard of otherwise, receive fantastic guidance towards my own shows, and am able to really keep track of the podcdast movement at large by following what is happening on PJ. Very glad to be a subscriber

Love this podcast! So many fantastic guests from the podcasting world with insights and great tips to share. Harry is a fantastic host and a great interview! Anyone interested in podcasting or people’s personal journeys, will love this podcast.

Harry makes a great show and has a way of getting Podcasters to really share their stories. If you ever get a chance to meet him in person, give him a big hug, he is a great human!

This is AMAZING concept! If you’re not rocking with the best in podcasting Harry Duran and fam, you’re sleep ?. Wake up ?

Love the Interviews

Super high quality audio and love the interviews. I love how it gives you a myriad of topics. There are so many different podcasts out there and being able to highlight other podcasts and find a story behind it adds an element of passiona and curiosity.

Top notch show - highly recommended!

Great podcast with great guests! If you´re a podcaster and want to learn about podcasting and/or business tune in to this show because there are some value bombs being dropped in each episode. Keep up the great work!

The podcast for podcasters

If you’re a podcaster and you enjoy podcasts... welcome home! Harry brings on great guests and has fun conversations. You may even be introduced to one of your next guests for your own show! Thanks for this podcast, Harry! A+

I had the pleasure of being a guest on episode 174 and am honored to be among such company. It was a good experience. Why you ask? Well, Harry is a great interviewer who strikes that balance between preparation and flexible, genuine curiosity. There have been a number of occasions when I’ve listened to Harry’s interviews in order to research a guest coming on to my show. Harry does great work.

Harry is the classic interviewer that really does his homework and has his finger on the pulse of the podcast world. Each and every episode introduces his listeners to a podcaster who we may have missed but deserves to be heard. Harry is approachable in person as well as through his podcast and business. This isnt just another interview show, Harry is the guy to know if you want to meet people doing great shows. I've personally recommended him to my real life friends and we use him as an example in our monthly meetups. Take a listen, you can thank me later.

If you want to find out who are podcasters that are very active in the industry, this is the show for you. Harry does a fantastic job of bringing out great insight about who is behind the mic. He has a really relaxed and fun style.

Recovering from loneliness

Podcast junkies let be alone without being lonely. This podcast allowed me to heal my relationship with Depression. Helped me heal my relationship with overcoming anxiety. When you listen to this podcast, it’s like sitting in the room and quietly listening to your heroes having a normal conversation together.

Perfect show for new podcasters

This is been a very great show for me as a new podcater. Harry does a great job interview some of the best podcasters and extracting the best advice from them. Highly recommend this podcast to anybody in the podcasting industry!

great show for people who love podcasts and podcasting

If you want to start, grow, and/or improve your podcast ...this is the show for you! Host Harry is terrific. Keep it up!

Harry's curiosity makes it great

In an era of interrupting, self-serving interviewers Harry dives in and asks the questions we want answered. Oh, and he actually lets the guests answer them.

Love it!

An amazing show with an even more amazing person behind it. Harry provides incredible interviews and insight into the lives of some of the most prominent podcasters out.

No way it took 4 years for me to leave this review

Maybe I left my review under a different Apple account? As unlikely as that may be (since I haven't used that account since 2009) it is more unlikely that I haven't left a 5-star review for Harry Duran - the ultimate Podcast Junkie. And what I want to say isn't going to sound original - because 75 other people have now left glowing reviews for Harry's awesome show. Great conversations, friendly people, and all podcasters...what isn't there to love? I'd say "Keep it up, Harry", but I doubt you'll be quitting any time soon. See you at PM :)

Hidden gem of a show!

Love this podcast, great guests and not your run of the mill questions. Harry is does a good job of bringing out awesome content from the guest. Favorite episode so far is the one with Pat Flynn. Both guys know how to provide awesome high value content. If your a Podcaster or just interested in business and podcasting you’ll benefit from this show.

A great find

As someone that also podcasts and goes to conferences I know a bit about interviews and Harry Duran is one of the absolute best! No matter what the guest has to offer only the nuggets get through and he always has the follow up questions I want him to ask next.