Podcast Junkies

Podcast Junkies

Since 2014 Harry Duran has had over 310 conversations (and counting) with some of the most fascinating podcasters in the podosphere. His relaxed, conversational format allows guests to kick back their heels and share valuable and sometimes personal insights of their podcasting journey.

Recent Episodes

316 JJ Flizanes - Unleashing Your Frequency and Walking Your Authentic Path

May 18, 2023

Episode Summary Motivational speaker and coach, JJ Flizanes shares her powerful insights on personal growth, podcasting, and the Law of Attraction. With a refreshing take on introversion and confidence, JJ emphasizes the imp…

315 Kate Cherichello - Creating Safe Spaces & Spreading the Good News

April 28, 2023

Episode Summary In this episode, Kate Cherichello shares her insights on whole health, including physical, mental, and social well-being. As a performer, fitness professional, and podcast host, she emphasizes the small steps…

314 Timothy Kimo Brien - Uncovering the Therapeutic & Healing Benefits of Podcasting & Art Therapy

April 18, 2023

Episode Summary In this episode, Timothy Kimo Brien and Harry discuss the intersection of podcasting and art therapy, and how the two can be used as powerful tools for healing and connection. Tim shares his personal experien…

313 Dan Cumberland - Finding Meaning, Battling Burnout, and Exploring Neurodivergence

March 31, 2023

Episode Summary As Host of the Meaning Movement podcast, Dan Cumberland and his guests explore the deep purpose of life, helping listeners to take control of their own destiny and find joy in their lives. Through meaningful …

312 Jonas Rinde - A Revolution in Mutli-Person One Room Recording

March 10, 2023

Episode Summary Jonas Rinde, co-founder and CEO of Nomono, joins the podcast to share his thoughts on the potential of podcasting and his extensive experience with immersive audio during his time in the video conferencing in…

311 Hector Santiesteban - From Middle School News Reporter to Podcaster: A Journey of Overcoming Nerves & Finding Redemption Through Inspiring Conversations

Feb. 24, 2023

Episode Summary Hector Santiesteban, a content creator and podcast host, started his journey in the field of content creation in 8th grade. He found his calling in podcasting in 2017, after working in sales and being unsatis…