Sept. 30, 2022

302 Anna DeShawn - Amplifying the Inspiring Stories of BIPOC & QTPOC Creatives

302 Anna DeShawn - Amplifying the Inspiring Stories of BIPOC & QTPOC Creatives
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Episode Summary

Anna DeShawn is the Founder and CEO of E3 Radio, an online radio station playing Queer & independent music in high rotation. Today, Anna joins the show to discuss the work she does as a social entrepreneur building digital media platforms that center and celebrate BIPOC & QTPOC creatives. Anna shares her unique intersectional lens through which she views life and speaks to the importance of amplifying the stories of underrepresented groups and individuals who deserve to be heard.

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Key Takeaways

06:26 – Founder of E3 Radio and Co-Founder & CEO of The Qube, Anna DeShawn joins the show to talk about her experience at Podfest, the uncertainty of entrepreneurship

13:25 – Anna reflects back on what she learned throughout the global pandemic

15:18 – Anna’s entrepreneurial journey and the origin story of E3 Radio

26:06 – Anna discusses her coming out story and the importance she places on visibility and representation

30:03 – Amplifying Black LGBTQ stories and living at the intersection of gender, race and sexual orientation

35:03 – Where Anna pulls her power from and her passion for social justice

42:40 – Anna discusses her early involvement in podcasting and the inspiration to start The Qube

48:08 – App development, testing in market and securing sponsors

1:01:18 – Something Anna has changed her mind about recently and the most misunderstood thing about her

1:03:57 – Harry thanks Anna for joining the show and lets listeners know where they can go to connect with her and learn more about E3 Radio and The Qube

Tweetable Quotes

“I always felt like entrepreneurship was where I fit, because I’m not good at compromising my own morals or ethics. And, I’ve also never been great at following the lead of someone else that I don’t necessarily agree with.”(09:52) (Anna)

“You have to take care of your people. Your people make it happen. Selling during Covid, there was nothing to sell. No one had a choice, right? But, the key part though is that you have to make sure that people know that they’re appreciated. You’ve gotta figure out how to scale to support the work. Yeah, you just gotta take care of your people.”(14:25) (Anna)

“The three ‘E’s of E3 stand for Educate, Enlighten and Entertain.”(20:13) (Anna)

“In so many ways, I do take on that responsibility of telling those stories and telling my story because there are families out here that are accepting and that will welcome you with open arms after coming out. And, I think that story isn’t told enough. And I also hold space for those who could never do that. And that’s why we do the work. That’s why visibility and representation matter, because people need to know that you can thrive.”(26:13) (Anna)

“From Day One, [the mission] was always to amplify Black LGBTQ stories in Chicago and across the country. It was always meant to do that.”(30:10) (Anna)

“Nothing will be right until that wrong is corrected. That’s just a fact. There’s just nothing you can do that’s going to make this country better without reconciling with indigineous people and their land and the way that it was coopted and stolen.”(40:04) (Anna)

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