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Harry welcomes to the show, executive producer and podcast host, Jen Briney. Jen is the host of the Congressional Dish Podcast, a twice-monthly show that aims to draw attention to where the American people truly have power: Congress. From the perspective of a fed up taxpayer with no allegiance to any political party, Jen fills her listeners in on the must-know information about what our representatives do AFTER the elections and how their actions can and will affect our day to day lives.

In this episode, Harry and Jen talk about the genesis of Jen’s Congressional Dish podcast and why it’s focused more on government than politics. Have you ever wondered why we focus more on the Presidency than Congress, the branch of government that writes, debates and passes the bills that become laws that impact our daily lives? Jen talks about crypto, the political awakening that is happening in our society today and the power of being informed.

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What We Covered:

  • 06:36 – Harry welcomes back to the show Jen Briney, who shares her thoughts on COVID-19 and the state of the podcast industry
  • 19:29 – A podcast about government, not politics
  • 22:06 – Jen talks about her appearance on the Bad Faith Podcast and how it grew her own audience
  • 34:35 – Cryptocurrency and podcast conferences
  • 47:46 – How the fallout from January 6th has the potential to impact our personal lives
  • 56:02 – The power you get from being informed
  • 59:06 – Why hope is on the horizon and the awakening that is happening in American society
  • 1:07:42 – Plans on expanding Congressional Dish
  • 1:18:02 – Jen talks about her second podcast
  • 1:15:26 – Harry thanks Jen for joining the show and let’s listeners know where they can connect with her



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