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Here’s the Recap:

Harry Duran welcomes back to the podcast paranormal enthusiast and podcast host, Patrick Keller. Patrick is the host of Big Séance Podcast, a show that focuses on all things paranormal, covering topics such as ghosts & hauntings, paranormal research, spirit communication, psychics & mediums, and life after death. Harry and Patrick talk about podcast listening habits, their evolution as podcast hosts, and the importance of attracting diverse podcast guests. Finally, Patrick shares his hopes for the future of his podcast, including a book he’d like to write about the paranormal world.

What We Covered:

  • 02:18 – Harry welcomes back to the podcast, Patrick Keller
  • 02:44 – Patrick talks to Harry about being a recurring guest
  • 04:22 – Patrick talks about his show, Big Séance
  • 07:03 – Patrick’s opinion on having return guests
  • 09:41 – How the conversation changes between Patrick and his return guests
  • 12:53 – The importance of attracting diverse guests
  • 14:23 – Building a community with a podcast
  • 18:20 – How Patrick’s podcast listening habits have changed
  • 21:32 – Harry and Patrick share their thoughts on the impact podcasts have on our brains
  • 26:26 – The genesis of Patrick’s paranormal podcast
  • 30:50 – Harry provides his opinions on the paranormal connection to our world
  • 33:51 – Patrick discusses paranormal topics he’s covered on his show
  • 34:55 – The natural evolution Harry and Patrick have undergone as podcast hosts
  • 38:58 – Feedback Patrick has gotten from the LGBT community
  • 41:45 – Patrick’s thoughts on expanding his podcast and becoming a speaker
  • 43:31 – Patrick talks about possibly writing a book in conjunction with his podcast
  • 44:21 – Imposter Syndrome
  • 47:43 – The future of Big Séance Podcast
  • 51:20 – Patrick picks the retention hashtag for this episode of Podcast Junkies
  • 51:51 – Harry thanks Patrick for being a super fan of Podcast Junkies
  • 53:10 – Patrick takes a moment to thank Harry as well
  • 54:06 – What is something Patrick has changed his mind about recently
  • 55:56 – What is the most misunderstood thing about Patrick
  • 57:15 – Patrick provides some movie recommendations
  • 58:31 – Where listeners can follow Patrick
  • 59:46 – Intro music from Patrick’s podcast


Links Mentioned

Patrick’s Website

Patrick’s Podcast

Patrick’s Facebook

Patrick’s Twitter – @BigSeance

Podfest Website

Podcast Movement Website

Movies Mentioned

The Uninvited

The Changeling

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