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Awesome podcast junkie!

Harry does a great job at interviewing his guests and putting together a great show. This is the perfect podcast for folks just learning to podcast or a seasoned podcaster. Keep up the great work!

Great for podcasting newbies

As someone new to podcasting, it’s been great to hear this collection of interviews of podcasters who have had success with their shows. I really love the conversational format. Looking forward to future episodes!

Podcaster coffee/tea break

Refreshing step away from podcasts only about podcasting--this is about podcasters and who they really are. Harry Duran is an incredible interviewer who has the uncanny ability to put guests at ease, have them share some meaningful experiences, and provide valuable insight into some of the great podcasters he talks with. Love to get away from it all and chill by listening to podcast junkies. Thanks for what you do Harry! Keep on messagin'

Ok, hang on to your earbuds because it's going to be wild. Harry Duran has done an amazing job in reflecting who he truly is, A world renown conversationalist. His humility peers through as he asks questions of his guests that then make you ask questions of yourself. Well done Harry. Have a listen!!!!!!!!!!!! Be warned it is very addictive.

Harry has a natural, inquisitive, open interviewing style that always goes in unexpected and wonderful directions. That coupled with his passion for great podcasts make this show one of my very favorites.

Everything I do, I do it for beloved listeners.


I am hooked! Harry has given me permission to not worry about being perfect. Leave a dog bark in the background in. And just flow in your conversation. The guests. WOW. I love that this is not all about podcasting by great life lessons. I am working on catching up but enjoying this journey. You will too!

Merry Christmas, Mr. Duran

I had the pleasure and good fortune of meeting Harry Duran at the LA Podcast Festival in LA this past Fall. He is a great interviewer with a perfect "radio" voice, and he knows everyone in the podcast field. I also believe that Harry has the genuine intention of helping every individual podcaster out there, including newbies like myself, and to advance the field of podcasting, one podcaster, one episode, at at time. Finish 2016, strong, Harry! And make 2017 you you can imagine!

Junkie for Podcast Junkies!

This podcast is great for any podcaster! Came across this podcast early on and it had been an immense help. Thank you!

Harry knows his stuff!

As a long time podcaster myself, I can appreciate and highly recommend this show. You can never stop learning and Harry knows his I really enjoy his guests and they always bring something to the tabe.

Loving this Podcast

What's not to love about Podcast Junkies? Harry does a terrific job bringing on other podcasters to talk about their shows and the industry. Thanks for doing the show, Harry. And keep it going...

Great Variety of Amazing Guests!

Harry has a great lineup of fantastic guests who share incredible information.

good stuff on making great podcasts

Just ran across this podcast and find the insights offered by the guests wonderful… a bit long for my taste/time, yet got me hooked pretty quick Cheers, Fred

Excellent! So glad to find this!

This is such a cool show! Harry turns the mic back on all these interesting podcasters, and the conversations are fascinating!

By podcasters for podcasters

I love the how Harry turns the mic on the podcasters themselves to dive deeper into their world. We're a unique bunch, so it's cool to get to know them as people and find out what makes them tick.

Great content and format

The episode with Ron Dawson was my first exposure to this podcast and I'm blown away! Harry does a great job selecting and interviewing the guests, the topics hit close to him, the interview style is casual but purposeful and the production quality makes listening a total pleasure. Going back and listening through the entire catalog now...

Got me hooked!

Great guests and great questions, this one has me hooked for sure!

Awesome podcast

I am pretty new to the podcasting world and Harry's interviews are a total eye-opener to all the type of podcast and podcasters out there. I like the diversity of guests Love the laid back environment of the dog barking in the back and the squeaky chair. Keep it up!!

Harry is ahead of the curve!

Listen to this show if you want hear funny stories and great anecdotes from leaders in the modern digital age. Great stuff Harry!

Such a different perspective

I love hearing the “back story” of so many of the podcasters I listen to regularly. Even better, I get to discover new podcasts. Great show with really well run interviews!

Harry is seriously amazing!

So grateful to have been a guest on the show. I love how down to earth Harry keeps the show content while maintaining high quality audio. His commitment to podcasting is flawless. Excited to be part of the Podcast Junkies community.

Behind the scenes!

Fun look pulling back the curtain on the people behind the podcasts!

Keep Them Coming!

I love hearing other podcasters struggles and triumphs. Harry has a great interview style that’s light, but to the point. I always enjoy the range of guests he has on and look forward to every new episode. As a fellow podcaster, this show is a breath of fresh air in the increasing crowded podcast arena. Thanks Harry. Keep them coming! - Rob, host of The Open Sky Fitness Podcast!

I love podcasts, too!

Ever since podcasting came around it's my preferred from of entertainment, and the Podcast Junkies are all about this as well. Love the show, keep it up!

Congrats on a great podcast!

Great content and excellent delivery.

Great show!

Great show for us podcasters! Great resource. Thanks! Keep it up!

Awesome Podcast!!!

Love everything that you have going on over here! Keep it up!

Great storytelling

Love hearing the backgrounds of great podcasters

Very Entertaining!

What a great show with such an entertaining group of people--Podcasters! These are people who put on great shows, so what better show than one that brings them together? Keep up the great work!

Great vibe!

Greeeat! I truly enjoyed my time listening to this podcast.