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so many popular podcasts from this. something for everyone! looking forward to more.

Love the drive and passion

THIS IS SUPREME STUFF. Nothing better than a real dude providing real value. Looking forward to many more episodes. Laid back and absolutely the realist of real. OG style.

Subscribe or else….

Harry is THE MAN and his podcast is amazing! Great format and tons of great content. I'm a junky for Podcast Junkies :)

Well worth the time!

I just finished episode 1 with Chase Reeves and I loved the easy show flow. Harry guides the conversation expertly, and the result is a show packed with useful nuggets for those of us just getting into the podcasting game. I’m no junkie though. I can stop any time I want too [scratches neck].

Long Live The Junkies

Chris Cerrone recommended your show, Harry .....and I love it! Keep up the great work! :-)

Great Show!!!

I love this show! Lots of great interviews, and great information

Great podcast on….PODCASTS!

Since I have a podcast and I listen to podcasts every day…I'm pretty sure that qualifies me as a junkie! haha Great guests and and Harry is a fun host! Looking forward to more!

Great for Your Ears

Lots of great content in each of these episodes. Just subscribed and looking for to more shows.

I love podcasts too!

As a fellow podcast junky I’m looking forward to more episodes!

Love it.

It's a podcast for us by (one of) us. Good interviews. Keep it up. - Eric Tivers, Host of ADHD reWired.

A podcasts on podcasts? Who'd a thunk it?

With podcasting taking off like it is, I see this being pretty popular! Great guests, and Harry gives great interviews!

Can’t Wait

This show is for me! Since getting into podcasts earlier this year, I can’t get enough! Maybe someday, I can qualify as a junky too!

Awesome voice interesting story teller.

Love this new show, it keeps me engaged and the host knows how to tell a heck of a story.