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Harry is THE MAN and his podcast is amazing! Great format and tons of great content. I'm a junky for Podcast Junkies :)

Well worth the time!

I just finished episode 1 with Chase Reeves and I loved the easy show flow. Harry guides the conversation expertly, and the result is a show packed with useful nuggets for those of us just getting into the podcasting game. I’m no junkie though. I can stop any time I want too [scratches neck].

Long Live The Junkies

Chris Cerrone recommended your show, Harry .....and I love it! Keep up the great work! :-)

Great Show!!!

I love this show! Lots of great interviews, and great information

Great podcast on….PODCASTS!

Since I have a podcast and I listen to podcasts every day…I'm pretty sure that qualifies me as a junkie! haha Great guests and and Harry is a fun host! Looking forward to more!

Great for Your Ears

Lots of great content in each of these episodes. Just subscribed and looking for to more shows.

I love podcasts too!

As a fellow podcast junky I’m looking forward to more episodes!

Love it.

It's a podcast for us by (one of) us. Good interviews. Keep it up. - Eric Tivers, Host of ADHD reWired.

A podcasts on podcasts? Who'd a thunk it?

With podcasting taking off like it is, I see this being pretty popular! Great guests, and Harry gives great interviews!

Can’t Wait

This show is for me! Since getting into podcasts earlier this year, I can’t get enough! Maybe someday, I can qualify as a junky too!

Awesome voice interesting story teller.

Love this new show, it keeps me engaged and the host knows how to tell a heck of a story.