May 29, 2020

224 Chris Dufey - Taking Risks and Maintaining Faith

224 Chris Dufey - Taking Risks and Maintaining Faith
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06:00 – Harry welcomes to the podcast, Chris Dufey who shares his background in business and podcasting 

09:56 – Chris discusses his intense work ethic and a huge risk he took early in his business career 

18:08 – The value Chris places on faith 

23:12 – Chris’ podcasting genesis story and obstacles he had to overcome 

31:17 – The evolution of Chris’ podcast and his growth as a host 

39:45 – The difference between interviewing for a podcast and for a documentary 

43:05 – How Chris has been able to use the current global coronavirus crisis as an opportunity to lead 

50:49 – What is something that Chris has changed his mind about recently

53:36 – What is the most misunderstood thing about Chris

57:12 – Harry thanks Chris for joining the show and where listeners can follow Chris


“I’m also a big believer that we don’t have business problems, we have personal problems that affect our business.”

“I’ve always been the type of person where I was like, ‘Look, if you tell me what to do, I’ll run through walls and I’ll make that happen.’”

“That’s something I’m actually really working on now and actually devising a plan on how can I celebrate things better and be more in tune with just enjoying the now. All we have is the now. The history is gone and tomorrow will never come, so all we have is the present.”

“When you have clarity on why you’re doing something, you can withstand storms.”

“The thing for me – the podcast, the documentary, the whole thing – is I want to have cool conversations with cool people. That’s it. I think that’s the coolest thing ever. That’s what lights me up. And, if I can do that for the rest of my life, I’ve won.”

“The limiting beliefs we can have are so terrible. And that’s when you need to be really honest and upfront. And it’s painful and it doesn’t feel good when you do it. But, I’ll tell you what, if you do it now, you will save yourself so much pain and you will be able to feel so much better as well.”




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