March 22, 2021

255 Damona Hoffman - Playing the Long Game

255 Damona Hoffman - Playing the Long Game
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06:00 – Harry welcomes Damona Hoffman to the show to discuss her podcast origin story, her background in entertainment and her passion for content creation

10:45 –Damona talks about her strategy of always playing the long game and the value she places on genuinely connecting with others

15:07 – What the pandemic has taught Damona this past year

20:43 – Damona speaks to her early passion for television and entertainment

26:13 – Damona recalls the early days of launching Dates & Mates

34:29 – Lessons Damona gleaned and best practices she implemented in her podcast production process

44:54 – How podcasting has improved Damona’s listening skills

47:36 – Damona talks about launching her second podcast through FreshBooks, I Make a Living

57:24 – Damona speaks to something she has changed her mind about recently and the most misunderstood thing about her

59:49 – Harry thanks Damona for joining the show, and let’s listeners know where they can connect with her and Dates & Mates


“For me, podcasting really was a labor of love, and I used it as sort of the content engine for everything else that I was doing.” (07:31)

“I had just seen for so long as a producer and a casting director that people don’t just wait to give you opportunities. You have to make them yourself.” (10:00)

“I don’t form relationships with people because of their resume of because of the chair that they’re sitting in because I know all of that can change. I really look to connect with people.” (12:45)

“Television? That’s not the stakes. Making these deadlines? That’s not the stakes. The stakes are real relationships, who you choose to spend your life with and how you choose to spend it. And the fact that with a podcast that I make right here from my house I can change people’s lives like that? Why wouldn’t everyone be podcasting?” (20:19)

“When you’re making content, you’re part of something bigger. And it’s not just about being on the mic or being the face of whatever the production is. It’s about being a part of the whole and making something together.” (23:15)

“If you are interested in growth, it sure as hell matters what Apple Podcasts thinks of your show.” (36:19)

“That is honestly one of the biggest gifts that podcasting has given me is improving my listening ability.” (44:54)

“That’s the other amazing thing about podcasting. I feel like I learn something every time I sit and have a conversation with someone. I get something out of it that enhances my life as well.” (55:51)





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