March 25, 2021

256 Allison Williams & Darrin Bedol - New Listening Habits & Future of Audio

256 Allison Williams & Darrin Bedol - New Listening Habits & Future of Audio
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06:00 – Harry welcomes Allison Williams and Darrin Bedol to the show to discuss how they met, their passion for audio and their podcast origin stories

14:47 – Darrin provides her thoughts on the differences between audio book and podcast experiences

16:23 – Allison speaks to her own audio origin story and explains her philosophy on investing

23:31 – Darrin speaks to her ever-present entrepreneurial spirt

26:47 – Allison shares her thoughts on the scarcity of female founders and how to change that

35:07 – Darrin and Allison speak to the huge shift in the habits of how audio is consumed

41:47 – Darrin and Allison discuss the emergence of social audio platforms such as Clubhouse

49:58 – Darrin and Allison promote some of the exciting projects they are working on

55:16 – Harry thanks Allison and Darrin for joining the show, and let’s listeners know where they can connect with them


“From a career perspective, I’ve sorta always been at the intersection of technology and media.” (10:59) (Darrin)

“You need to know that [investing] a really hard path and if things go well it’s fantastic. But there’s also a very good chance that they won’t go the way you expect. So just know that going into it and think about your own financial situation. Go into it eyes wide open.” (22:01) (Allison)

“It was really important to me that we also did outbound efforts to get in front of founders and that we took all the barriers down for a founder to get in front of us.” (28:36) (Allison)

“There’s been such a need for escapism since Covid started and also just this boredom that people feel and trying to figure out how to fill all of the time where you’re at home.” (37:09) (Darrin)

“What really excites me just thinking about it through an Audible-specific lens is connecting creators with listeners.” (42:35) (Darrin)

“What has been exciting about all of this over the past year is that so many more people know what a podcast is. I think for us, so many more people are excited about spoken word audio and even understand now what Audible is doing. And so, if they’re using Audible and Clubhouse and other apps, that’s exciting.” (48:25) (Darrin)





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