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Here’s the Recap:

Harry Duran welcomes to the podcast co-founder and CEO of Glow, an organization focused on helping podcasters build businesses and building a better media. In this episode, Harry and Amira talk about Amira’s background in technology and her journey to start her own business. Harry and Amira share their experiences post-9/11, Harry as a resident of NY at the time and Amira as a Muslim-American. Finally, Amira breaks down the mission and technology of Glow and shares her vision to create one thousand podcasting entrepreneurs through this endeavor.

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What We Covered:

  • 01:05 – Harry wishes the audience a Happy New Year and his resolution to simplify his work and life
  • 02:16 – Harry thanks today’s sponsor, Focusrite 2i2
  • 02:50 – Harry welcomes to the podcast, Amira Valliani
  • 04:04 – Harry thanks the second sponsor of today’s podcast, FullCast
  • 05:03 – Amira’s first recollections and experiences growing up immersed in technology
  • 10:26 – Major Influences in Amira’s worldview and life
  • 18:25 – How Amira and her family were impacted as Muslim Americans post-9/11
  • 24:12 – Amira’s early career and co-founding Glow
  • 32:46 – Early challenges and obstacles with Glow and how Glow works
  • 37:13 – How Glow’s technology works, and technical obstacles Amira encountered along the way
  • 41:56 – What excites Amira the most about the future of Glow
  • 47:15 – What is something that Amira has changed her mind about recently
  • 49:47 – What is the most misunderstood thing about Amira
  • 51:11 – Harry thanks Amira for joining the show
  • 51:45 – Where listeners can follow Amira


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Amira’s Twitter – @amiravalliani

Podcast Movement Website

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