April 29, 2020

221 Amy Woods - Keys To Repurposing Content

221 Amy Woods - Keys To Repurposing Content

06:00 – Harry welcomes to the podcast, Amy Woods who shares her professional background and podcasting genesis story 

14:38 – Harry and Amy discuss their experience with entrepreneurship, including the learning curve they both encountered 

22:14 – The inspiration to start The Content 10x Podcast and best practices when it comes to repurposing content 

26:15 – How Amy uses links to promote and start a conversation around great content 

33:49 – Measuring client success rate 

39:56 – The success of The Content 10x Podcast and Amy’s growth as a podcast host 

45:40 – Amy speaks to how she coaches her clients on channel/platform engagement 

49:16 – Amy tells the story of the Love Actually spoof 

57:02 – What is something that Amy has changed her mind about recently

58:32 – What is the most misunderstood thing about Amy

59:12 – Harry thanks Amy for joining the show and where listeners can follow Amy


“Something just kinda went off inside me that said, ‘This sounds great but is it really me?’ I actually think I’d rather just have a solid business.”

“Looking at social media, we always look at ‘What works well for people on Instagram isn’t gonna necessarily work well on LinkedIn, isn’t going to work as well on Facebook.’ So, having really platform-specific focuses for the content and really making sure that when you are working on content repurposing that you look at search and social.”

“I think sometimes people do just get bored and then sometimes mistake failure with the fact that actually nothing failed, you just didn’t give it enough chance and you got bored. So, failure and boredom are not the same thing.”

“I always think that I can improve. I’m probably quite hard on myself.”

“I’m always changing lifestyle because of something that I heard on a podcast.”



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