Aug. 28, 2020

233 Andy Foote - Amplifying Your LinkedIn Authority

233 Andy Foote - Amplifying Your LinkedIn Authority
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06:01 – Harry welcomes to the podcast, Andy Foote who shares his background as a LinkedIn ‘brand-ologist,’ 

12:27 – Andy recalls his first memory/interaction with the Internet and technology 

18:08 – The genesis story of how Andy got involved in digital marketing and identified LinkedIn as his main platform

27:51 – Andy’s unique and specific writing style and how to create better content 

30:31 – Strategies Andy utilized to build authority and leadership on LinkedIn

38:04 – How Andy got involved in podcasting, what he appreciates most about the medium and new skills he’s learned as a result 

51:01 – Andy lists and discusses common mistakes made by LinkedIn users 

58:07 – What is something that Andy has changed his mind about recently 

1:00:53 – Harry thanks Andy for joining the show, and let’s listeners know where they can follow him 


“I had always been interested in networking in real life. So, I would be the guy working the room and meeting as many people as I possibly could. Not just grabbing the business cards, but making meaningful connections and then following up.” (21:02)

“I think we’re all capable of speaking, we’re all capable of having a conversation. And, that’s all you have to do. You have to write how you’re having a conversation with the reader. If you can do that – if you can pull that off – then your work is done.” (28:09)

“I’m an overnight success that took ten years.” (30:58)

“The expression, ‘If you want to go somewhere fast, go alone and if you want to go further, go together,’ is so true.” (34:17)

“Once I decided to do the podcast, number one on my list of essentials was the audio quality needs to be as best as it possibly can be.” (39:00)

“I love the agility, the dynamic aspect of it [podcasting].” (48:36)

“The headline is all about the slogan. The headline, I think, should be doing a lot of work for you. It should be not only saying what you do, but also saying what you like to do or saying why you do it.” (55:06)


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