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Here’s the Recap:

We do not often have the opportunity to form friendships with those who have had a life as challenging and rewarding as Aviv Shahar. At a young age, a doctor diagnosed Aviv with a heart disease and told him to avoid strenuous activity. He responded to this diagnosis by winning Israel’s long-distance running championship at the age of 13. Later in his life, he became an air force pilot, and then started a very successful consulting business.

In this episode, I speak with Aviv about his youth, and how winning that race changed him. We then talk about how we are currently experiencing a “Third Big Bang,” according to Aviv. Finally, we discuss how hosting a podcast has helped him not only with his consulting, but mentally as well.

What We Covered:

  • 02:30 – Why did Aviv start his podcast?
  • 05:20 – The themes of Aviv’s show
  • 07:30 – The “third Big Bang”
  • 14:00 – Below-the-line conversations
  • 17:30 – The Fifth Dimension
  • 20:00 – The architecture of learning
  • 22:20 – Where did Aviv’s ideas originate?
  • 25:00 – Aviv’s heart condition, and how he overcame it
  • 35:00 – The three-legged journey into mastery
  • 39:00 – People Aviv considers mentors
  • 43:00 – How Aviv became a pilot
  • 45:35 – How his podcast has helped Aviv
  • 55:15 – How Aviv has expanded his mind recently


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