Aug. 22, 2019

201 Breaking Good with Podcasters

201 Breaking Good with Podcasters

Harry Duran welcomes to the podcast web and mobile developer and entrepreneur, Leah Culver. Leah is the co-founder of Breaker, an iOS app for discovering new podcasts through social recommendations and collaborative filtering. In this episode, Harry and Leah discuss the genesis of Breaker as well as the many features it now boasts. They talk about the importance of leveraging and utilizing data, challenges of building a startup, and their shared experiences within the podcasting community. Finally, Leah and Harry tease The Global Podcast Meetup, a joint project they are working on currently.

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  • 00:01 – Harry welcomes Leah Culver to the podcast
  • 00:33 – The genesis of Breaker
  • 03:07 – Why Leah was unimpressed with the different podcast apps she initially utilized
  • 05:06 – Features within the Breaker app
  • 09:39 – “Under Twenty Minutes”
  • 10:07 – The decision to release new versions of the iOS app weekly
  • 11:00 – Building out and syncing the Breaker Audio website
  • 11:38 – Metadata
  • 13:48 – Benefits of switching to the Breaker Audio app
  • 14:47 – Leah gives a shout out to some early adopters of Breaker
  • 18:45 – The importance of leveraging and utilizing data
  • 20:36 – Harry asks Leah about the comedy podcast, A Very Fatal Murder
  • 22:32 – Challenges faced and adjustments made while building a startup
  • 26:43 – The inflection point where Leah and her co-founder Erik realized they had something with Breaker
  • 27:45 – Leah teases some upcoming features for Breaker
  • 28:11 – The future of Breaker’s revenue model
  • 33:33 – Leah’s experience interacting with the podcast community
  • 35:37 – Utilizing social media to engage with app users
  • 37:42 – Leah speaks to the growth of Breaker
  • 40:56 – Leah’s background and roots
  • 42:47 – Harry and Leah discuss the evolution of technology throughout the years
  • 47:23 – The Global Podcast Meetup
  • 50:25 – What is something Leah has changed her mind about recently
  • 51:23 – What is the most misunderstood thing about Leah
  • 52:00 – Where listeners can follow Leah


“So, what we ended up doing differently at Breaker, or on the Breaker App, is that we allow you to sort of follow people as in a social network. You can like episodes. You can send them to people.” (05:06)

“What’s interesting about Breaker is that we see, from the first month to the second month of using Breaker, the number of shows that a user subscribes to doubles. So, it means that they’re discovering new content.” (16:07)

“It’s kind of our goal, for this year, to better connect podcasters with their audience.” (18:04)

“We want to make money when podcasters make money.” (28:47)

“We originally pitched Breaker as Netflix for podcasts in that we’re gonna make exclusive content and charge for it. But we’re also, at the same time, letting some other companies sort of try that model first to see how that goes.” (29:24)

“I’m really passionate about connecting people on the Internet so I’ve work a lot in blogging and social media.” (41:54)


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Aweber - Hosts of the Beyond the Podcast Summit - Click here to register for free -September 18, 2019, 11:00 am ET to 3:00pm ET.


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