001 Chase Reeves | Opens Up On Podcasting, Finding Your Voice, Branding and Negronis


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Here’s the Recap:

In today’s episode we have the honor of speaking with Chase Reeves, 1/3 of the Fizzle Show crew who, along with Corbett Barr and Caleb Wojcik, provide a wide range of support for the startup and entrepreneur community. The Chase Reeves Interview was very entertaining and Chase was a lot of fun!

Full transcript available here. Send comments to feedback@podcastjunkies.com.

What We Covered:

  • 09:30 – What is Fizzle.co?
  • 18:10 – Falling in love with Marc Maron
  • 20:00 – Podcasting as a cultural moment
  • 30:30 – The best education is jumping in
  • 34:20 – Not everyone needs a podcast
  • 44:40 – Fizzle show series “Finding Your Voice”
  • 49:20 – Favorite podcasts
  • 53:10 – How to be a creative
  • 57:10 – Where podcasting is heading
  • 63:00 – The voice that resonates
  • 66:20 – 4 points on personal branding
  • 67:20 – Making a beautiful Negroni

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The Music

We’re kicking off our first musical outros with a track off our Musical Curator. It’s from Cedar & Soil’s latest album, ‘Dirge’. The song is called ‘The Beatdown’, and in my honest opinion, it’s quite fantastic.

Musical Curator: Cedar & Soil

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