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Christina Canters Interview

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Here’s the Recap:

Christina Canters is the host of the Stand Out Get Noticed podcast and is a former architect. Christina shares her story on why she created her first podcast, Presentation Skills For Design Students, and why she made the decision to leave her career in architecture at the end. She also talks on how she discovered a creative way to book extraordinary people on her current podcast and make a connection with them long before the audio starts recording.

What We Covered:

  • 03:10 – When something can go wrong, it usually will.
  • 06:55 – Christina talks about her first podcast.
  • 08:55 – How did Christina book Andrew Warner and Jared Easley?
  • 21:10 – Christina talks about Tony Robbins and her personal development journey.
  • 29:00 – Why did Christina not like architecture?
  • 36:45 – Was Christina always this bubbly?
  • 41:20 – Christina has no regrets for leaving architecture.
  • 43:20 – Everything we do is a stepping stone that leads us down a more interesting path.
  • 43:55 – I talk about episode 3 with Ayman Abdullah from AppSumo.
  • 50:20 – Christina talks about her younger sister.
  • 54:25 – You have to start somewhere.
  • 55:10 – Is Christina a Podcast Junkie?
  • 58:15 – Christina and I talk about CrossFit.
  • 01:07 – Get out of your comfort zone! Amazing things will happen when you do.
  • 01:10 – What you see is what you get from Christina.

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