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Here’s the Recap:

Christine Blackburn is the host of Story Worthy, a podcast about true stories from Hollywood's most interesting talents and creatives. Christine has always taken her podcast seriously, and has recorded well over 300 episodes by now. Christine believes she doesn’t have any talents, but the stories she’s able to extract out of her fascinating guests say otherwise. Get a behind-the-scenes look at Christine’s creative process, and find out more about Christine!

What We Covered:

  • 03:20 – When did Christine decide to take her show seriously?
  • 04:05 – Why are stories important to Christine?
  • 06:40 – What kind of people did Christine like to interview when she was first starting out?
  • 09:55 – When you’re first starting out, hold off on telling people about it. Allow yourself to learn from your mistakes first.
  • 15:10 – How does Christine keep herself organized?
  • 16:55 – There’s a very specific person who has a passion for podcasting.
  • 19:00 – Don’t do things half-assed. You’re just wasting your time if you do.
  • 23:20 – Did you know you could intern for other podcasters?
  • 24:55 – How did Christine meet Hernan Lopez?
  • 28:30 – Christine talks about the benefits of being associated with a podcast network.
  • 32:35 – Christine has received a lot of crazy comments on iTunes that have simply been out of line. It’s amazing what people will say behind a computer screen.
  • 33:30 – The Story Worthy podcast has over 300 episodes.
  • 33:55 – The stories Sugar Ray Leonard shared on Story Worthy were very memorable for Christine.
  • 36:15 – After some time, your friends become your family.
  • 37:10 – This election reminds Christine of high school.
  • 39:45 – What’s the most misunderstood thing about Christine?
  • 40:05 – What has Christine changed her mind about recently?
  • 42:20 – Christine tries to plan out her podcast in seasons now.
  • 45:15 – What’s next for Christine?


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