Feb. 6, 2020

212 Colin Morgan: The Daily Grind's Success Blueprint

212 Colin Morgan: The Daily Grind's Success Blueprint

01:39 – Harry thanks today’s sponsor, Focusrite 2i2

02:13 – Harry welcomes to the podcast, Colin Morgan

03:12 – Harry thanks the second sponsor of today’s podcast, FullCast

04:28 – How Colin got into podcasting and decided on a format for his show, The Daily Grind

06:39 – Colin discusses his professional golf career

12:58 – The value Colin places on consistency when putting out a podcast

14:43 – How Colin identified guests that would resonate with his audience

17:43 – How Colin honed and refined his interviewing skills

20:20 – What Colin has learned from over four hundred interviews with successful entrepreneurs

24:20 – Transforming a podcast into a business and focusing on the current guest

27:56 – Colin talks about his book, _The Podcast Revenue Generator: Make Money Podcasting _

33:08 – Colin’s entrepreneurial process and how he interacts with his client base

41:20 – Building strong client relationships

44:25 – Colin takes a deep dive into how he prices ad space

47:00 – Measuring the impact of podcast ads

48:51 – Colin speaks to the reception of his book

49:44 – What excites Colin the most about the future of The Daily Grind Podcast

52:10 – What is something that Colin has changed his mind about recently

55:30 – What is the most misunderstood thing about Colin

56:38 – Harry thanks Colin for joining the show

57:54 – Where listeners can follow Colin

59:04 – Harry invites listeners to reach out and connect with him

59:53 – Harry reads another interview review

1:01:39 – Harry reveals this episode’s retention hashtag


“I knew from a young age I wanted to do something myself. I did not want to go into work. I did not want to hold a job. I wanted to be independent and have freedom.” (06:20)

“I was the one who was at the golf course early. My parents would drop me off and they’d have to pick me up after dark cause I didn’t want to leave. And, I’d be at home daydreaming of, ya know, hitting the final putt at The Masters to beat Tiger Woods. It was everything I’d ever wanted.” (11:30)

“Habits are so, so important. People who perform at high levels and who have successful businesses, what they do when no one’s looking is different than everyone else.” (20:59)

“About a year in, instead of focusing on the next guest, I started focusing on the current guest.” (25:33)

“The more times you advertise, the more people are gonna trust in you because they’re gonna realize that I [Colin] trust in you.” (40:45)

“You work so hard to get what you ultimately dreamed of getting, but we’re never taught how we’re supposed to act when we get there.” (53:04)




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