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Here’s the Recap:

After answering an ad from a radio producer in Houston, Texas that was looking for an idea for a radio show, Colleen Mullen received a phone call saying that she had been chosen as the lucky person to launch a podcast – in less than a month! With no prior broadcasting experience, she jumped in two feet first into the podcasting ring and created the Coaching Through Chaos podcast where she interviews authors and experts in the field of psychology to help them navigate through the chaos in their lives.

Colleen is also the co-host of another podcast called Shrink to Shrink and she runs a private practice as a relationship therapist in San Diego, California where she specializes in high conflict couples.

What We Covered:

  • 05:21 – Colleen’s relationship with technology
  • 05:52 – How she started podcasting
  • 09:34 – Hurricanes, earthquakes, aftershocks, and tremors
  • 14:03 – Fulfilling her commitment to launch Coaching Through Chaos
  • 15:24 – The response she’s received on her podcast and the connections she’s made
  • 17:07 – Her second podcast, Shrink to Shrink
  • 18:09 – What she has gotten out of going to podcasting conferences
  • 21:33 – Podcast Movement and being completely present in conversations
  • 23:54 – Colleen shares an exciting story from Podcast Movement
  • 26:41 – Building lasting connections and treating your guests like gold
  • 28:29 – Using her podcast as a way to leverage and enhance her business
  • 32:06 – If social media is bringing us closer together or further apart
  • 34:12 – The younger generation’s erosion of social skills
  • 35:15 – How constant communication through texting is bad for couples
  • 36:58 – If experiences with clients and guests on her show merge with one another
  • 38:26 – Using podcasts to establish yourself as a thought leader
  • 40:33 – The creative way she brands her podcast in her waiting room
  • 43:25 – Her time growing up in New York
  • 46:20 – Reminiscing about old New York clubs and NYC living
  • 49:36 – Visiting museums when she’s in big cities
  • 50:06 – One of her memorable museum experiences
  • 51:39 – Our experience with contemporary art installations
  • 54:03 – Her story about the powerful ‘The Lost Boys’ painting by Kerry James Marshall
  • 57:50 – The first time I saw Rembrandt’s Night Watch painting
  • 58:59 – What she’s changed her mind about recently
  • 01:01:08 – The one most misunderstood thing about her


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