May 28, 2021

262 Craig Hewitt - On a Mission to Create Impactful Podcasts

262 Craig Hewitt - On a Mission to Create Impactful Podcasts

03:36 – Harry welcomes Craig Hewitt to the show to share his experience as an expert in running profitable and sustainable businesses

09:11 – The inspiration to start the podcast, Seeking Scale, and lessons he’s learned along the way

12:25 – How Craig thinks about content creation and the work he’s doing at Castos

18:20 – What went into the decision to acquire Jay Acunzo’s podcast, 3 Clips

22:59 – Craig provides his thoughts on Apple, Spotify and the future of private podcasting

32:25 – How Craig has built his team and what inspired him to launch Castos

35:28 – How Craig has grown as a founder and a podcast host

38:23 – Craig speculates on the future of the podcasting industry

41:28 – Craig speaks to the relationships he’s made in this industry throughout his career

43:17 – What is something that Craig has changed his mind about recently and the most misunderstood thing about Craig

45:59 – Harry thanks Craig for joining the show, and let’s listeners know where they can connect with him


“It’s our responsibility to be honest about what we talk about. To some extent, we’re all influencers to somebody else and people are listening to us. And if people are listening to what we have to say and if you’re spouting this stuff that’s garbage and not realistic, you can influence somebody to make a poor decision in their life.” (07:42)

“We want to be thought of and associated as a premier content creator.” (18:57)

“We believe very heavily that private podcasting is the future of where our company is going and, I think, a big part of the industry is expanding to.” (24:05)

“If you know the value of yourself and the show and the people that you’re approaching about sponsorship, you’ll have a much easier job of selling sponsorship.” (32:01)

“With the background at Podcast Motor, we’ve been working with content creators a lot. One of the simple things we’ve done is brought on a producer in-house. We’ve become a small professional services arm that does editing and production. And now we have a creative person that works with customers and that’s the person who’s creating the show for us.” (32:55)

“That’s one of the coolest things about this space is that so many people are willing to hop on a call just to chat and help you with things.” (42:33)





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