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Here’s the Recap:

In today’s episode, called Dan Norris and Alex McClafferty Interview, we chat with the founders of WP Curve, Dan Norris and Alex McClafferty. We get to hear the origins of that service, some of the challenges Dan had along the way, and how their both leveraging their individual skill sets to make the whole greater than the sum of the parts.

Full transcript available here. Send comments to feedback@podcastjunkies.com.

What We Covered:

  • 05:25 – The story of Dan and Alex
  • 08:55 – Finally meeting in person
  • 10:10 – Content planning
  • 11:45 – What Alex likes to write
  • 13:00 – Reaching the 200 customer mark and the re-focus on WP Curve
  • 14:25 – The benefits of income reports
  • 15:10 – Importance of downloads
  • 19:20 – How live-casting keeps you on your toes
  • 21:20 – Benefits of a structured interview
  • 25:00 – Working on the upcoming book
  • 27:50 – Lessons from the Agency Talk podcast and why Dan retired it
  • 28:45 – Why Dan & Alex are fans of their show format
  • 40:50 – What keeps Alex up at night
  • 41:35 – Goal setting
  • 42:30 – Their unique selling proposition
  • 43:40 – The focus of the podcast
  • 48:00 – The message behind everything they do
  • 49:55 – Why different skill sets are important

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