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Here’s the Recap:

Harry Duran welcomes to the podcast travel finance strategist, writer and podcaster, Danielle Desir. Danielle is the founder and host of The Thought Card, an award-winning travel finance blog and podcast about affording travel, paying off debt and building wealth.

In this episode, Harry and Danielle discuss Danielle’s gift for natural galvanizing and building community, the importance of supporting and empowering people of color, and Danielle’s goals for WOC Podcasters.

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What We Covered:

  • 06:00 – Harry welcomes to the podcast, Danielle Desir who shares her podcasting genesis story
  • 10:33 – Danielle’s galvanizing nature and struggles she overcame as a community organizer
  • 17:19 – The growth of WOC Podcasters
  • 19:21 – The inspiration to start The Thought Card podcast
  • 23:02 – Danielle speaks to her love of travel and the top places she has visited
  • 27:24 – Danielle’s background and roots and how her circle of friends has changed over time
  • 33:06 – Danielle’s drive, motivation, and dreams
  • 37:16 – Breaking barriers as a woman of color and future goals for WOC Podcasters
  • 45:06 – What is something that Danielle has changed her mind about recently
  • 46:32 – What is the most interesting thing about Danielle
  • 47:07 – Harry thanks Danielle for joining the show and where listeners can follow Danielle


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