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Here’s the Recap:

Dave Zohrob is the co-founder and CEO of Chartable, a podcast analytics company that allows users to track and analyze their shows to grow their audience and business. Prior to cofounding Chartable, Dave was a Venture Hacker at AngelList, where he founded their NYC office. He also co-founded two startups reaching millions of users on iOS and the web and was also an engineer at HOTorNOT and Microsoft. In this episode, Harry and Dave discuss Dave’s background in tech and what inspired him to form Chartable. They speak to best practices for businesses to expand their branded podcasts and how analytics can assist businesses in maximizing podcasts in general.

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What We Covered:

  • 05:37 – Harry welcomes to the podcast, Dave Zohrob who speaks his background and roots, the impact of Covid-19 and how Dave got involved in podcasting
  • 17:40 – Harry and Dave discuss podcast analytics and Dave shares the genesis story of his company, Chartable
  • 27:43 – Data and insights that Dave has gleaned through his work with Chartable
  • 33:43 – Dave speaks to the decision to raise funds from outside investors
  • 42:37 – Best practices for business owners looking to expand their branded podcasts
  • 49:12 – The first piece of tech that Dave recalls from his early life
  • 54:03 – What is something that Dave has changed his mind about recently and what is the most misunderstood thing about Dave
  • 55:44 – Harry thanks Dave for joining the show, and let’s listeners know where they can follow him


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