Dec. 6, 2022

306 Diane Ray - Aggregating Compelling Content & A Post-Pandemic Spirituality Surge

306 Diane Ray - Aggregating Compelling Content & A Post-Pandemic Spirituality Surge

Episode Summary

Diane Ray is a broadcaster, interviewer, content creator, producer, voice talent, communicator, and seeker. She’s the founder of the Mind Body Spirit Podcast Network, a platform for content creators in spirituality, health and wellness, metaphysics and personal growth. Today, Harry and Diane talk about how to handle radio and podcast interviews that have gone sideways, ad structures and revenue sharing models, and the power of spiritual awakenings.

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Key Takeaways

06:26 – Diane Ray joins the show to share her vast experience in radio broadcasting, her shift to digital media and online broadcasting, and when she first began listening to podcasts

16:49 – Hay House Radio, working with Dr. Wayne Dyer, and honing her interview skills

20:08 – An interview gone sideways, mentors, and Diane’s favorite bands

23:34 – A spiritual journey and Marianne Williamson

29:51 – From Hay House to Unity to Mind Body Spirit

36:44 – An aggregator and connector of content and the wide range of clients Diane serves

42:12 – Structuring ads and revenue sharing

47:13 – Building a stellar team, social media presence and consistency

52:11 – An evolving vision, how Diane has grown as an entrepreneur, and a post- pandemic spirituality surge

1:05:40 – Identifying shows that fit Mind Body Spirit and sponsors Diane works with

1:08:37 – Something Diane has changed her mind about recently and the most misunderstood thing about her

1:11:12 – Harry thanks Diane for joining the show and lets listeners know where they can go to connect with her and learn more about

Tweetable Quotes

“Luckily, I managed to get the job at HayHouse, and then actually meet and interact with these people, and learn so much. It just brought me further onto my path...Dr. Wayne Dyer would come and do the show and just talk to people from all over the world. And I would listen to everything he told them and I learned so many lessons: How to pay attention to how you think, and things that you tell yourself, and the people you surround yourself with.” (24:35) (Diane)

“That’s what we’re trying to share with the podcasters that are gathering on is to give people a place to come to share their stories and their message. And the content that we’re gathering in this space is so needed right now because really we’re living in a dystopian nightmare right now.” (29:18) (Diane)

“I remember seeing this back in my HayHouse days where people would say, ‘Oh, I speak all the time. I can do a radio show no problem.’ It’s a lot different when you’re alone in front of a microphone than when you’re getting this love from people in a live audience. It’s a very different scenario.” (41:12) (Diane)

“I always tell people consistency is key. If you’re just gonna be randomly putting stuff out there, it’s just not gonna get any traction.” (49:31) (Diane)

“As divided as we seem today, we really are connected. I really believe that we are connected and we do touch people in so many ways. And so the more positively you can touch someone somehow in their life, the better. It can be a small thing like buying someone a coffee.” (1:02:50) (Diane)

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