Dec. 6, 2021

281 Dino Cattaneo - A Renaissance Man From Milan

281 Dino Cattaneo - A Renaissance Man From Milan

Harry welcomes to the show leadership advisor, coach, entrepreneur and podcaster, Dino Cattaneo. Dino is the host of the Authentic Leadership for Everyday People Podcast, a show that investigates the connection between effective leadership and authenticity.

In this episode, Harry and Dino discuss Dino’s background, from growing up in Milan, Italy to his time at Harvard Business School to eventually breaking out on his own as an entrepreneur and marketing consultant. Dino speaks to what inspired him to launch his podcast and why he chose the topic of authentic leadership. He recalls the experiences he has had with effective leaders and why the mentors throughout his career have left a lasting mark on him. Finally, Dino talks about how he’s grown as an interviewer and podcast host and what’s next for him and his show.




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06:17 – Harry and Dino talk about the impact the global pandemic has had on them and Dino’s background growing up in Milan

16:58 – From Harvard Business School to Renaissance Man

20:47 – When the entrepreneurial bug bit and mentors who were critical to Dino’s success

29:14 – The inspiration to launch Authentic Leadership for Everyday People and how Dino landed on a format and voice for his show

39:41 – How Dino has grown as an interviewer and podcast host

43:22 – What’s next for Dino and his show

51:01 – Something Dino has changed his mind about recently and the most misunderstood thing about him

53:24 – Harry thanks Dino for joining the show and let’s listeners know where they can connect with him




“My goal is really to get the questions to my guest. It’s based on the concept that if you’re authentic to yourself and you take an intentional journey as to who you are as a leader, then you’re also going to be successful.” (00:00) (Dino)

“The idea of working until I had made enough money to just do the things that I wanted to do was not a feasible plan. So I made a decision to go and start out on my own as a marketing consultant with the idea that sixty percent of my time would be dedicated to that and the other forty percent would be dedicated to managing my wife’s career as a musician, spending more time with my kids and doing the things I love doing.” (18:51) (Dino)

“There’s a very important balance when you’re building a service practice, whether it’s a consulting practice or an agency. And that is that you need to sell projects where on one hand you have the ability to execute and you’re good at, but there also needs to be something new that you haven’t done because that’s how you build the capabilities of the firm.” (24:39) (Dino)

“I felt that a podcast was essentially the place where I could be my true self and just create the podcast and share the content to really express what I believe about how leadership works and operates.” (30:47) (Dino)

“The Arts are a really difficult world from a success standpoint. And the people who end up staying for the duration are the people that are rewarded by the creative process.” (46:26) (Dino)

“Somebody recently said, ‘People who invest money to save time have a longer career in business than people who invest time to save money.’” (53:12) (Dino)




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