296 Donna Loughlin | Manifesting Up: The Desire to Tell Stories That Aren’t Being Told

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Here’s the Recap:

Award-winning storyteller, PR influencer and podcast host, Donna Loughlin, joins the show to talk about the insatiable need for human-to-human connection, manifesting what you want in life, and her desire to tell stories that aren’t being told through her podcast, Before It Happened. Today, Harry and Donna discuss a wide variety of topics ranging from her experiences flying planes and driving race cars to her journalism career to the fascinating conversations she’s been able to have with guests on her podcast.

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What We Covered:

  • 06:42 – Donna Loughlin joins the show to discuss her innate sense of adventure and her love of flying planes and racing cars
  • 14:04 – Donna’s experience at the Skip Barber Racing School and the power of constant stream of learning
  • 24:17 – Launching a business and starting a family simultaneously and the impact the war between Russia and Ukraine has had on Donna’s family
  • 30:36 – Donna recalls fearing for her life as a journalist
  • 36:07 – Donna reflects on some of the intriguing conversations she’s had on her podcast, Before It Happened
  • 41:49 – How Donna has grown as a podcast host and interviewer
  • 50:57 – Something Donna has changed her mind about recently
  • 51:53 – Harry thanks Donna for joining the show and let’s listeners know where they can connect with her



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