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Here’s the Recap:

Every single item that surrounds us has a story behind it. Have you ever wondered about the history behind bubble gum, balloons, Kit Kats, mustaches, or Betty White? If so, you’re in luck as I welcome to the podcast author and fellow podcaster, Emily Prokop. Emily is the creator and host of the hit podcast, The Story Behind, which tells the extraordinary history of seemingly ordinary objects, places, and people. The Story Behind was nominated for The Academy of Podcasters’ Awards in 2017 and has been repurposed into a book of the same name.

In this episode, we talk about the process of podcasting. With a background in editing and journalism, Emily speaks to how she was able to transfer this skillset to become a successful podcaster. Harry and Emily share their own stories of challenges and obstacles they have faced, including building an audience one listener at a time. Emily discusses the wide variety of topics she covers on her podcast and the creative process she utilizes to come up with fresh and exciting ideas for every show. Finally, Emily chronicles the genesis of her book, The Story Behind and details the journey by which she transformed her podcast into a hit book.

What We Covered:

  • 00:53 – Harry welcomes Emily to the podcast
  • 04:13 – Emily’s educational background
  • 06:20 – The decision to start The Story Behind podcast
  • 10:55 – What Emily and Harry like most about podcasting
  • 13:26 – Emily’s first podcasting event
  • 18:21 –Leveraging a journalism background to become successful at podcasting
  • 20:35 – Emily recalls meeting and networking with other podcasters at Podcast Movement
  • 23:29 – How the podcasting community has provided Emily with support and inspiration
  • 25:26 – Building an audience one listener at a time
  • 27:49 – The importance Emily places on researching and preparing for her podcasts
  • 30:53 – Emily recalls recording her first few episodes and worrying that they were too short
  • 35:31 – How Emily comes up with the eclectic topics that her podcast covers
  • 39:19 – The genesis of Emily’s book, The Story Behind, based on her podcast
  • 43:34 – Emily describes the overall experience writing a book
  • 46:12 – What is something Emily has changed her mind about recently?
  • 47:04 – What is the most misunderstood thing about Emily?
  • 52:20 – Where listeners can follow Emily


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