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Here’s the Recap:

After 10 plus years as a television news reporter, Erica Mandy decided to quit her job and pursue a career in podcasting. After discovering podcasts while commuting to work each day, she realized she wanted to listen to news that wasn’t so much in the style of NPR, but still gave her a good overview and left her feeling energized instead of depleted. With her journalism background and extensive television broadcasting experience, she took the skills she learned in the studio and applied them to podcasting.

Now Erica is the host of her own show, The News Worthy, where in less than 10 minutes you can listen to the news in a fun and easily digestible way. (Sorry NPR) Her goal is to keep more people informed so that they can choose what impacts them the most and decide what topics they would like to dive deeper into.

What We Covered:

  • 04:57 – Where I met Erica
  • 07:31 – Overcast app
  • 08:38 – The first time she became aware what was happening in the podcasting world
  • 09:44 – When she first got the idea to start a news podcast
  • 11:55 – If she considers being a reporter entrepreneurial
  • 14:19 – The feedback she received on leaving her job and starting a podcast
  • 15:42 – How many iterations of her podcast music she went through
  • 19:06 – The goal of Newsworthy
  • 20:24 – How the different jobs she did as a news reporter helped her with podcasting
  • 22:13 – Whether or not journalism students have reached out to her to intern
  • 25:03 – The process she uses to sort and select which stories to report on
  • 26:21 – One of the things she dislikes about TV news that she avoids on her show
  • 28:09 – How she emphasizes reminding her audience on topics that have been previously covered to ensure they understand it
  • 29:16 – The Net Neutrality spoof from Burger King
  • 32:26 – If she thinks she will start offering coaching services in the future
  • 34:14 – If she ever got attached to the subject matter she used to report on
  • 36:40 – Bringing on experts from different perspectives and backgrounds
  • 42:27 – The mentors who were important to her during her career in journalism
  • 48:26 – The support she’s received from her parents
  • 52:26 – Something she’s changed her mind about recently
  • 52:56 – The most misunderstood thing about her


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