July 27, 2021

269 Ever Gonzalez - A True Outlier: Standing Out in the World of Podcasting

269 Ever Gonzalez - A True Outlier: Standing Out in the World of Podcasting
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06:36 – Harry welcomes to the show, Ever Gonzalez, who tells the story of how he met Harry, his background and the origin story of Outlier

14:21 – Ever talks about how he got his start in logistics

18:09 – How Ever got involved in podcasting

23:46 – Ever speaks to transitioning to hosting events and teases some upcoming events

35:22 – Ever expounds on the impact COVID-19 had on his personal and professional lives and tells the unique story about a podcaster he was able to help

53:06 – Harry and Ever speculate on what the next year will bring to the podcasting industry

1:00:22 – Harry and Ever discuss Podcasting 2.0

1:06:04 – Harry thanks Ever for joining the show and let’s listeners know where they can learn more about Outlier and connect with him


“You and I and others that have platforms, we’re adding value to them [podcast guests] because people get to hear about them.” (22:31)

“I don’t ever want to look out into the crowd and see people tuning out or sleeping. That would be the worst. And thirty minutes keeps it fast and loose.” (34:23)

“I think with the not having friends in-person because of COVID was offset because we have so much interaction still with our online and podcast friends.” (41:51)

“Even if nobody was listening to the show, I would still do the show because I get much more out of it than anything else. So, it’s cool that people are downloading it and listening to it and interacting with us. But it’s the conversations that I have with truly interesting people from all over the world that a lot of them I become friends with.” (42:09)

“I love new podcasters. I want to make podcasting as easy as possible.” (47:39)


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Books Mentioned:

Never Lose a Customer Again


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