269 Ever Gonzalez | A True Outlier: Standing Out in the World of Podcasting

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Here’s the Recap:

Harry welcomes to the show, logistics professional, event planner and podcaster, Ever Gonzalez. Ever is the host of Outlier On Air, a podcast that features conversations with founders, disruptors and mavens who are breaking the status quo and changing the world. In this episode, Harry and Ever discuss Ever’s unique career trajectory, from logistics to event planning and podcasting. Ever talks about the work that goes into planning and hosting events, conferences and even microevents and speculates on what the coming year holds for the podcasting industry. Finally, Ever stresses the value he places on the relationships he’s made and the unique conversations he’s had throughout his podcasting journey.

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What We Covered:

  • 06:36 – Harry welcomes to the show, Ever Gonzalez, who tells the story of how he met Harry, his background and the origin story of Outlier
  • 14:21 – Ever talks about how he got his start in logistics
  • 18:09 – How Ever got involved in podcasting
  • 23:46 – Ever speaks to transitioning to hosting events and teases some upcoming events
  • 35:22 – Ever expounds on the impact COVID-19 had on his personal and professional lives and tells the unique story about a podcaster he was able to help
  • 53:06 – Harry and Ever speculate on what the next year will bring to the podcasting industry
  • 1:00:22 – Harry and Ever discuss Podcasting 2.0
  • 1:06:04 – Harry thanks Ever for joining the show and let’s listeners know where they can learn more about Outlier and connect with him



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