Jan. 27, 2022

286 Garret & Sabrina - A Passion for Dinosaurs & Building a Niche Podcast Community

286 Garret & Sabrina - A Passion for Dinosaurs & Building a Niche Podcast Community
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Episode Summary:

Husband and wife team Garret and Sabrina are the dinosaur enthusiasts behind I Know Dino, the big dinosaur podcast that covers news, interviews, and discussions about dinosaurs. They love dinosaurs so much that they even had a dinosaur themed wedding! They love connecting with fellow dinosaur enthusiasts, and encourage others to reach out to them via their multiple channels.

Today, Garret and Sabrina engage in a conversation with Harry about their passion for dinosaurs, the lost art of research and the amazing and thoughtful community they’ve built through the I Know Dino podcast. Garret and Sabrina share their thoughts on dinosaur culture and how they’re showcased in television and film. They discuss how they approach sponsorships, why they chose to set up a Patreon account and their plans for the future of their show.

Episode Sponsors:

Focusrite –http://pcjk.es/focusrite

FullCast –https://fullcast.co/

Key Takeaways:

06:16 – Husband and wife duo, Garret and Sabrina join the show to discuss podcast discoverability, their passion for dinosaurs and the balance required to work together

16:00 – The inspiration to launch I Know Dino and the most memorable interview Garret and Sabrina conducted

19:48 – Richard Owen, the dinosaur godfather

22:47 – The amount of research that goes into each interview

26:06 – Positive feedback from dinosaur enthusiasts

29:23 – The lost art of research

32:30 – Engaging with sponsors and setting up Patreon

36:50 – A community unlike any other

39:42 – Upcoming projects on the horizon for I Know Dino

43:38 – Dinosaurs in film and television

45:38 – Why more dinosaurs are being discovered now than ever before

49:28 – Plans for the podcast in 2022

53:06 – The Indiana Jones of paleontology and the possibility of bringing dinosaurs back to life

56:34 – Harry thanks Garret and Sabrina for joining the show and let’s listeners know where they can connect with them

Tweetable Quotes:

“We’ve also talked to a few people who have worked on the Jurassic Park and Jurassic World movies, which is very interesting. And, after doing this for seven years, we have found a way to connect dinosaurs to any conversation.” (19:03) (Sabrina)

“It doesn’t take much research to find that a T-Rex was probably a predator. It doesn’t have the types of adaptations you’d expect to see in a scavenger. It has tons of adaptations you’d expect to see in a predator. Other times, you do have to dig a little bit deeper when you’re looking for a question that isn’t as popular as T-Rex.” (31:46) (Garret)

“For sponsors, that one was a lightbulb moment when we were talking to a friend who knew much more about marketing than us at the time. And we were planning on going on a road trip where there’s a lot of dinosaur museums. And she said, ‘Why don’t you ask the museums if they want to sponsor you?’” (32:57) (Sabrina)

“The community is definitely both of our favorite parts. It’s the most rewarding. Some days it feels harder to get the show out and then you login to Discord or you read some of the messages people have sent and you think, ‘Yes, this is why we’re doing it. I’m ready to go.’” (37:06) (Sabrina)

“I think it’s a combination of things. You’ve got more people who want to be paleontologists because of movies like Jurassic Park. But also the technology has gotten better. It’s not that easy to find a fossil but we have better tools now to excavate and prepare it and study them.” (46:01) (Sabrina)

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I Know Dino Podcast – https://iknowdino.com/ 

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