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Here’s the Recap:

Harry Duran welcomes to the podcast Greg Stanley. Greg is the host of Learn from Others, a podcast that interviews a cross-section of successful individuals so students can learn from their career journeys. Greg is also the host of The Collector Car Podcast, a show takes a deep dive into upcoming auctions, recent marketplace trends and experts in the field of automotive collecting. In this episode, Greg expounds on two of his greatest passions in life: helping students and cars. Harry and Greg talk about how Greg has grown as a podcast host as well as his techniques for marketing his shows. They share their thoughts on the evolution of the Mustang, the gaming industry, and the value of podcasting. Finally, Greg teases the concepts for three books he hopes to write in the upcoming years.

What We Covered:

  • 00:01 – Harry welcomes Greg Stanley to the podcast
  • 00:44 – How Greg met Harry
  • 01:36 – The inspiration to start the podcast, Learn from Others
  • 04:48 – Where Greg got the passion for helping students
  • 06:39 – Greg talks about why most people’s career paths are not linear
  • 07:54 – Early feedback Greg received on Learn from Others
  • 09:40 – Resources and tools Greg used to start his podcast
  • 10:56 – The format of Greg’s podcast
  • 14:23 – Greg talks about a segment he does at the end of every podcast
  • 15:37 – The genesis of The Collector Car Podcast
  • 18:52 – The story behind Greg’s passion for cars
  • 21:35 – How Greg kept his passion for cars alive and thriving
  • 23:15 – Greg’s thoughts on the evolution of the Mustang
  • 25:29 – Greg speaks to his current job working for Topps
  • 30:51 – How Greg has grown as a podcast host
  • 33:03 – Harry and Greg talk about the importance of submitting podcasts to multiple platforms
  • 37:49 – How Greg promotes his podcast once an episode goes live
  • 42:20 – Greg discusses the three book concepts he’s been working on
  • 44:15 – How Greg categorizes his podcasts
  • 45:13 – Gaming
  • 47:07 – What is something Greg has changed his mind about recently
  • 48:03 – What is the most misunderstood thing about Greg
  • 49:21 – Where listeners can follow Greg


Links Mentioned

Greg’s Websites – http://learnfromothers.org/index.html & http://autosausage.com/index.html

Greg’s Podcasts – Learn From Others & The Collector Car Podcast

Greg’s LinkedIn

Learn From Others Instagram – @learnfromothers

Podcast Movement Website

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Cars Yeah with Mark Greene

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