Feb. 24, 2023

311 Hector Santiesteban - From Middle School News Reporter to Podcaster: A Journey of Overcoming Nerves & Finding Redemption Through Inspiring Conversations

311 Hector Santiesteban - From Middle School News Reporter to Podcaster: A Journey of Overcoming Nerves & Finding Redemption Through Inspiring Conversations

Episode Summary

Hector Santiesteban, a content creator and podcast host, started his journey in the field of content creation in 8th grade. He found his calling in podcasting in 2017, after working in sales and being unsatisfied with the long commutes. He then found inspiration in online marketing and social media, eventually creating a successful Facebook group and YouTube channel. Hector eventually joined the podcast "Front Row Dads" and started his own podcasting production company. He helps coaches and experts with their interview shows and focuses on the stories of everyday podcasters. Through hundreds of interviews, he has honed his skills as a host and gained valuable insights on the impact of conversations on people's worldviews. He also reflects on his personal journey as an entrepreneur and the lessons he learned from direct sales and his father's entrepreneurial journey. He is now more focused on helping others learn and grow, and being conscious of the impact he has on his four-year-old son.

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Key Takeaways

  • Hector Santiesteban's journey from a middle school news segment creator to a content creator and podcaster
  • How dissatisfaction with long commutes led Hector to venture into online marketing and social media
  • Hector's successful pivot from a Facebook ad agency to a full-service production company for interview shows
  • Hector's experience in guesting on hundreds of podcast interviews and the growth of the skill with time
  • The importance of building connections with guests and tools to help make high quality conversations
  • The role of rejection and refining business models in Hector's sales training journey
  • Hector's strong work ethic and willingness to try new things inspired by his father's American Dream
  • The impact of Hector's father's computer career on the family and the sense of redemption and desire to make something of himself
  • The importance of being aware of the impact of conversations and answers on shaping people's worldviews and shaping the future generations.


Tweetable Quotes

“The best way to grow a show is to just get out there and talk to people.”

“For me, being an entrepreneur, it's been trying to identify the skills that I don't have. And now, what I've realized is that it's about working through people now a little bit more.”

“But what was coming up as you were talking was this willingness to lean into things that are scary.”

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