June 16, 2020

225 Heneka Watkis-Porter - Resilience, Power and Podcasting

225 Heneka Watkis-Porter - Resilience, Power and Podcasting
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06:00 – Harry welcomes to the podcast, Heneka Watkis-Porter who shares her background and roots, her podcasting genesis story and how she and Harry met

15:22 – Heneka speaks to her entrepreneurial journey and the mentors who guided her along the way

21:35 – Heneka’s drive and motivation to want more out of her career and life

23:02 – The inspiration to start The Entrepreneurial You podcast and the story of how Heneka met Richard Branson

28:14 – Heneka reflects on transitioning from radio to podcasting and the major differences between the two

35:11 – Heneka speaks to the burning desire to become a published author and the most important lesson she learned from writing Podcast Power

42:14 – Heneka talks about how she leveraged her podcast to get press passes for events and build meaningful relationships with others

46:25 – Upcoming projects Heneka is working on for 2020 and beyond

48:34 – What is something that Heneka has changed her mind about recently

50:10 – What is the most misunderstood thing about Heneka

51:08 – Harry thanks Heneka for joining the show and let’s listeners know where they can follow her


“When I told him about the idea of doing a radio show, he said to me, ‘here’s how you can make money from it…if sponsors know that they can sponsor a particular segment, then you can break it down. So, you can have different sponsors doing different segments.’”

“When life decides to hand you lemons, you can decide to make lemonade, or you can complain that it’s sour and you complain, and you just don’t do anything about it. So, my circumstance I’ve found is a platform that has just given me such a drive so I’m never comfortable.”

“Entrepreneurship in Jamaica is huge. I think we’re setting the standard for all other Caribbean nations.”

“Doing the podcast and doing it on my own – doing everything – I was taken out of my comfort zone.” 

“I’m really pleased with the outcome and the product [Podcast Power]. I’m looking forward to it being a best-seller!”




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