March 31, 2020

218 Hernan Lopez - Podcasting in a Post COVID World

218 Hernan Lopez - Podcasting in a Post COVID World

06:00 – Harry welcomes to the podcast, Hernan Lopez, and speaks to the ongoing global coronavirus pandemic

12:10 – Hernan’s thoughts on the impact coronavirus could have on his business and society for the remainder of 2020 

22:26 – Hernan speaks to shepherding a company through crises and where he gets his inspiration from 

25:33 – How Hernan plans on shifting his business plans and activities during these trying times 

31:02 – Key takeaways Hernan learned from his conversations with other podcasters 

37:40 – The importance Hernan places on diversity 

42:17 – Why Wondery is such an important passion project for Hernan 

44:04 – Hernan’s thoughts on the state of the podcasting industry and promising trends he has noticed 

47:11 – What is something that Hernan has changed his mind about recently 

47:45 – What is the most misunderstood thing about Hernan 

49:03 – Harry thanks Hernan for joining the show and where listeners can follow Hernan


“Another way of putting it, I don’t know who said this but, ‘If you’re going through hell, keep going.’”

“In this environment I think podcasts have this amazing place in people’s hearts because they feel personal, they feel human, they feel intimate, and that’s exactly what people need right now.”

“This is an organization that the goals are to promote, to network, and to recognize excellence.”

“I think that podcasts are still a nascent medium and I think we don’t have enough ways of signaling and recognizing excellence that are given by a non-for-profit, neutral organization.”


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