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Here’s the Recap:

Hernan Lopez is the Founder & CEO at Wondery, an audio on-demand media network, curating podcasts that tell compelling and fascinating stories. It is Hernan’s goal to create a new golden age for audio drama and he discusses how the podcast medium is perfect for this. Hernan has worked in traditional media for the last 19 years and was the former President & CEO of Fox International Channels. Hernan has a lot of wisdom to share on this episode, so listen in for more!

What We Covered:

  • 03:50 – Hernan has spent 19 years working in traditional media.
  • 06:10 – It is expected in the podcasting industry that consumers will listen to a podcast from the beginning to the end.
  • 07:00 – Why did Hernan get kicked out of highschool?
  • 10:25 – How has the education Hernan received helped him later in life?
  • 11:55 – Was it hard to transition from Argentina to the U.S.?
  • 14:25 – The most important thing you should learn at home or in school is how to listen.
  • 15:25 – When did podcasting pop up on Hernan’s radar?
  • 20:55 – Hernan wants to start a new golden age for audio drama.
  • 23:20 – Who are Hernan’s competitors?
  • 24:20 – Audio dramas are expensive to make.
  • 29:15 – What’s the criteria to get on Wondery’s network?
  • 33:20 – How does Hernan find talent?
  • 34:10 – What does Hernan look for in his team?
  • 36:05 – How important is the team element to Hernan?
  • 39:55 – Does Hernan come from a big family?
  • 40:55 – How behind the curve are Spanish podcasts?
  • 42:40 – A lot of people underestimate just how difficult it is to be behind the microphone or camera.
  • 43:10 – What has Hernan changed his mind about recently?
  • 43:30 – What’s the most misunderstood thing about Hernan?
  • 48:20 – What kind of legacy would Hernan like to leave behind?


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