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Here’s the Recap:

Ilana Levine is a seasoned actress from New Jersey who got her start on Broadway and later made it to the “silver screen” where she has appeared in such films as Failure to Launch, Confessions of a Shopaholic, and Friends with Kids. She is also a director and newly minted podcaster where she interviews fellow actors on her hit podcast, Little Known Facts.

Although she’s new to podcasting, Ilana's gift for making her guests feel safe and at ease is proof that she belongs in this arena. And because she approaches this newest endeavor with the same passion, commitment, and dedication that made her such a successful actress, it’s no wonder why Little Known Facts has been so well received.

What We Covered:

  • 09:06 – Why Ilana started her podcast, Little Known Facts, and the person behind the idea
  • 13:51 – Where her skill for great conversation comes from
  • 18:14 – Her interview with Octavia Spencer
  • 20:59 – How she feels about people wanting to talk to her about podcasting instead of acting and the two criteria to be on her show
  • 23:43 – Why she decided to transition away from theatre and Broadway
  • 25:19 – Unexpected opportunities and connections arising from podcasting
  • 28:46 – Jumping headfirst into the podcasting landscape and what she wants to offer with Little Known Facts
  • 32:42 – Her Blue Apron sponsorship and Sweet and Sour Salmon with Bok Choy and Ginger Fried Rice recipe overload
  • 37:56 – The story of when she knew she wanted to become an actress
  • 40:26 – The person who inspired her to pursue an acting career
  • 42:31 – The one most misunderstood thing about her
  • 44:17 – What she’s changed her mind about recently
  • 46:11 – Using her podcast as a platform to talk about important causes and organizations
  • 49:58 – Her first Broadway play with Alan Alda and the incredible lesson she learned from him


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