Jan. 17, 2022

285 Jack Stafford - Spirituality, The Aetherius Society and What Makes a Podsong

285 Jack Stafford - Spirituality, The Aetherius Society and What Makes a Podsong

Episode Summary:

Singer-songwriter and self-described modern-day troubadour, Jack Stafford joins the show to share his passion for creating good songs for good causes. Jack is the host of Podsongs, a unique podcast where musicians interview inspirational people, in service to others, as inspiration for brand new songs. Today, Harry and Jack share in a rich discussion about spirituality, the motivation behind creation and the importance of preserving knowledge for future generations. Jack shares his musical background and why the COVID lockdowns led him unexpectedly to podcasting. Now Jack is on a new mission entirely as he discusses his future endeavors and what he hopes to achieve through podcasting.

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Key Takeaways:

06:28 – Jack Stafford talks about his passion for making music, his background as a songwriter and music producer and what inspired him to launch Podsongs

15:56 – From musician to copywriter

19:10 – Preserving knowledge across generations

24:16 – Prep work and research that goes into each interview

32:32 – The motivation of creation

35:26 – The Aetherius Society and Jack’s spiritual journey

43:57 – What’s next for Jack and his podcast

52:24 – Harry thanks Jack for joining the show and let’s listeners know where they can connect with him

Tweetable Quotes:

“Over the past year, the most rewarding interviews have been the ones not when someone’s written a book, but when they’ve done it for a good cause like air quality or air pollution, something to save the planet or humanity.” (14:00) (Jack)

“It goes back to the copywriting background where you get this brief which is this very complicated, boring document and you’re supposed to pull out the benefits from the features. So, when I interviewed a sleep doctor, he talked about how there are these different chronotypes and we’re all a different chronotype and you can sleep based on your type of biorhythm. So, if I put that in a song, more people will hear about it and more people will study his book.” (19:55) (Jack)

“Ignorance is the only crime on the Earth. And if we can solve this, all the other problems will be solved.” (34:55) (Jack)

“It will have this trickle-down effect because most people listening to this will just roll their eyes, but because we’re in this reincarnation cycle where, along the other realms, the membership is much higher. So, when you’re born back on this realm, there are some people that it will take just one word to connect.” (47:34) (Jack)

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