April 20, 2021

258 Jarika Johnson - A Return to Travel

258 Jarika Johnson - A Return to Travel

06:00 – Harry welcomes Jarika Johnson to the show to discuss her love of travel and her podcast origin story

14:36 – Jarika speaks to the spiritual experiences behind each trip she takes and what she learned about herself while on these trips

19:43 – What inspired Jarika to start Blackpacking and how she landed on an interview- based format

24:13 – Jarika details how she plans out her podcast interviews and her thoughts on potential sponsors

30:54 – Jarika opens up about how COVID-19 has impacted the travel industry

33:51 – The cross-country trip that Jarika is planning and how she’s planning on integrating her experiences into content for her podcast

37:13 – How Jarika has grown as a podcast host and interviewer

40:24 – Jarika discusses what’s been working for her from a promotional perspective

44:02 – How Jarika’s family and friends have reacted to her podcasting journey

45:55 – What is something that Jarika has changed her mind about recently and the most misunderstood thing about Jarika

50:27 – Harry thanks Jarika for joining the show, and let’s listeners know where they can connect with her


“My parents, despite not being together, instilled this idea at a very young age of getting out there, going to new places, experiencing new things.” (10:18)

“I’ve learned how important family is within different cultures and how much they value family. There’s such a strong bond and shield that people put around their family members which I find to be very interesting.” (16:57)

“I love the banter between two people. I love two people having a discussion because I feel like someone can bring something out of you that you might not necessarily say on the microphone if you’re by yourself.” (21:56)

“For me, having a travel podcast I made it a point that this is not going to discourage me. I’m gonna find a way to keep putting out content. I’m gonna keep making episodes. I don’t want to beat the COVID thing to death. I have just been trying to think about traveling in different ways.” (32:20)

“When I listen to a podcast where two people are talking, I want to feel like I’m in the same room as them and I want to feel like I’m a part of the conversation.” (43:10)





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