June 5, 2019

196 Jim Beach - Schooling Them All

196 Jim Beach - Schooling Them All

Harry Duran welcomes to the podcast entrepreneur, award-winning radio host and best-selling author, Jim Beach. Jim is the host of the wildly successful School for Startups Radio, a show that argues that anyone can become a successful entrepreneur if they abandon creativity, risk and passion. In this episode, Jim talks about the inspiration behind his daily show and his passion for entrepreneurship. Jim and Harry share the different transcription services they utilize as well as their opinions on podcast consumption. Finally, Jim speaks to the importance of continually learning new things in order to become a more interesting, well-rounded host.

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03:18 – Harry welcomes Jim Beach to the podcast
03:56 – The genesis of Jim’s podcast, School for Startups Podcast
07:13 – How Jim was introduced to podcasting
09:08 – Early concerns Jim had about podcasting
13:39 – Why Jim chose to commit to a daily show
14:43 – Jim’s workflow
18:49 – The difficult task of measuring success rates
20:13 – Jim talks about Cyber Ears, the hosting platform he utilizes
23:48 – Jim recalls the first podcasting event he attended
26:53 – The Small Pond strategy
29:08 – Harry’s opinions on podcast consumption
33:16 – A recent report on podcasts from Edison Research
33:50 – Jim talks about his love and passion for entrepreneurship
37:34 – The Pakistan Furniture business challenge
43:13 – The genesis of the School for Startups book
46:15 – Jim speaks to having a short memory when it comes to his interviews
47:39 – What motivates Jim to continue having conversations
49:02 – What Jim looks for in a prospective interviewee
52:44 – The transcription service that Harry uses
53:19 – What keeps Jim motivated
55:28 – Why Jim chose to keep politics out of his show
55:59 – The importance of creating a personal connection with the audience
57:36 – What is something Jim has changed his mind about recently
59:18 – What is the most misunderstood thing about Jim
1:00:13 – Where listeners can follow Jim and his podcast

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