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Here’s the Recap:

Jim Collison is the host of the Home Gadget Geeks podcast where he helps people navigate through all of the consumer technology that is out there today. He is also the creator of the Average Guy Network, a channel the “average guy” can visit to get all the information they need to help inform and educate themselves with all the different facets of technology.

Jim recently celebrated 10 years working at Gallup where he was instrumental in the development of a college and high school technical internship program in Omaha, Nebraska and in launching a podcast based around what Gallup is known for – their Strengths Finder Assessments. Gallup now has four podcasts which he helps produce and host. We talk all about it here.

What We Covered:

  • 06:10 – The best time to be a podcaster
  • 07:25 – When listeners of your show provide you feedback
  • 09:34 – Jim’s healthy Twitter community and his wildly popular weather tweets
  • 12:07 – The challenges of responding to your community and how Jim manages it
  • 15:26 – The first time he heard of podcasts and the first ones he was listening to
  • 18:24 – His job at Gallup and how he was instrumental in implementing a podcast there
  • 23:01 – How Jim sold the idea to Gallup to start a podcast
  • 25:48 – The importance of having structure on your show
  • 28:28 – Practice makes perfect
  • 30:15 – How being a podcaster has prepared him to be an MC
  • 33:22 – Jim explains the reason he started his network, Average Guy TV
  • 35:48 – Whether or not he consolidates his RSS feeds and other tech questions
  • 38:41 – The story of how he first met Dave Jackson
  • 42:37 – How long Ask the Podcast Coach has been running and interesting moments
  • 45:46 – What Gallup is known for
  • 47:24 – The Gallup Strengths Finder Assessment and what it said about Jim
  • 52:35 – His wife and children’s strengths
  • 53:40 – The challenges of balancing his professional and personal life
  • 57:25 – What he’s changed his mind about recently
  • 59:49 – The one most misunderstood thing about him


Links Mentioned

Average Guy Network
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Gallup Website
Ask the Podcast Coach with Dave Jackson
School of Podcasting by Dave Jackson
Podcasters’ Roundtable by Ray Ortega
The Audacity to Podcast by Daniel J Lewis
Gallup Strengths Finder Assessment
Strengths Based Parenting
Strengths Explorer
Community Made podcast

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